Rick Lagina skyrocketed to fame as one of the lead cast of the History channel's reality show, The Curse of Oak Island, in 2014. The television personality teamed up with his brother Marty Lagina and other crew members to solve a 224-year-old treasure mystery on Oak Island. 

While he is determined to unveil the mystery of the island, his life, ironically, remains a mystery to millions of his followers, with many fans flocking to know more about his wife, if he even has one, that is. 

Is Rick Lagina Married?

Lagina earned stardom late in his life. He was already in his 60s when he first appeared on television through The Curse of Oak Island as a lead cast member and producer.

As a result, his life before fame is hardly public knowledge. And the absence of social media platforms in his heyday makes his life more enigmatic. It is unconfirmed if he was ever married and had a wife. 

Having said that, he is probably unmarried in the present, given that his show chronicles his day-to-day life and quest to find treasures in Oak Island. Never in his years-long television career has he shared about having a wife, ever being married, or having a family.

On the contrary, his brother Marty's marriage with wife Margaret Olivia and the information on his children — son Alex and daughter Maddie — have been widely covered. The absence of a wife in Lagina's life hints that he could be unmarried and just focused on his career. 

Sparked Interest in Treasure Hunting at a Young Age

Born on January 25, 1952, Lagina loved the idea of treasure hunting from a young age. His enthusiasm peaked when he read about Oak Island mystery in a 1965 article of Reader's Digest when he was 11.

The article detailed the Oak Island lore, which even today claims that the island has buried the treasure of 17th-century pirate Captain Kidd, Marie Antoinette's lost jewels, and even Shakespeare's manuscripts.

The possibility of finding treasures influenced Young Lagina and his brother, Marty. Interestingly, their parents — father George Jacob Lagina and mother Ann Langina — supported their adventure-loving spirits.

Their father let them read a feature based on Oak island in The Wall Street Journal. And he also let the young brothers embark on their quests in their rural hometown of Northern Michigan. They would dig around forest and rock, hoping to find relics. 

The childhood games didn't hand them anything valuable at the time, but they helped them garner experience in treasure hunting, which would become a source of income for them decades later. 

Rick Lagina's Net Worth and Career

The 69-year-old spent the early years of his life as a post office worker with a full-time job in the Canadian mailing industry. After he retired, he took a serious note of his childhood dream of becoming a treasure hunter and turned it into a career. 

His brother Marty joined him, and the Lagina brothers purchased 50% of the Oak Island Tour company with the right to any treasure found on the land in 2006. The duo also assembled a team of treasure-hunting experts, including Craig Tester, Dan Blankenship, David Blankenship, and Gary Drayton

History channel chronicled their journey and exploration through the show, The Curse of Oak Island, from January 5, 2014, which helped them gain attention and boost their net worth.

In their years-extensive research, the Oak Island team has successfully retrieved a Spanish copper coin, believed to be from the 17th century, a Roman sword, parchment made from animal skin, among many others. 

Season 8 of The Curse of Oak Island ended on May 4, 2021.

Besides the series, Lagina has featured in shows such as Beyond Oak Island, The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, and Ancient Aliens, which led to a serious padding to his bottom line. 

The reality show star has a net worth of $10 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth

Season 9

Though the finale of season 8 only dropped in May, fans are excited as ever for news of season 9. On their Facebook page, the crew posted images of new excavators. However, it was soon revealed that the pictures were from 2020. 

Regardless, this had fans speculating that filming had already begun despite there being no confirmation or official announcement of the release date for The Curse of Oak Island season 9.

Both the crew as well as fans are fairly confident that it is only a matter of time before season 9 is confirmed.