It was Rick Lagina's dream of uncovering the Oak Island mystery that gave birth to the idea for the History Channel show, The Curse Of Oak Island, which first premiered on the History network on January 5, 2014. What initially sparked his lifelong fascination towards the island was a January 1965 issue of Reader's Digest at the age of 11. 

Lagina has since found various clues that have justified the presence of the Oak Island mystery. But, has he only chased his dream of uncovering mysteries, or has he thought about having a family with his wife and children as well?

Is Rick Lagina Married?

The Curse Of Oak Island star has become a noteworthy celebrity since he took over the treasure hunt in 2006. It turns out, he became one of those celebrities who like to keep their personal life tightly under wraps. 

On that pretext, the elder Lagina brother has not yet disclosed any details about his love life. As Rick goes on to solve the mystery of Oak Island, his marital status remains a mystery for us.

However, through his show's popularity, a lot has been dished out to various outlets regarding his early life and childhood. 

Rick Grew Up Alongside Two Sisters And A Brother

There is not much to be said about the younger Lagina brother—Marty Lagina—as he features alongside Rick in the reality TV show. But what most fans might not know is that there are two Lagina sisters as well. 

In a web exclusive video put out by the History Channel, the treasure hunting reality show introduced Terese Fornetti, the oldest of the Lagina siblings, and Marianne Gardner, the youngest Lagina. 

In the short video, the Lagina sisters revealed how Rick and Marty were always obsessed with treasure growing up because that was the only kind of literature they exposed themselves to. In a warm anecdote, the younger sister also recalled how during Christmas, Rick and Marty would hide their stockings filled with candy in a closet and give out one or two candies at a time because that was their treasure. 

The sisters revealed that Rick and Marty always shared a bond and would go on various adventures together. Terese also noted that her brothers did not always invite her or her sister out on their adventures.

Both Terese and Marianne are incredibly supportive of their brothers and are happy that Rick and Marty have retained their childhood bond.

Rick And Marty Are Close To Solving The Oak Island Mystery!

Rick may simply be occupied with solving the 224-year-old mystery as History Channel claims that this season the Lagina brothers are closer than ever to locate the treasure. 

After the crew concluded that there might be a sunken ship buried somewhere in the triangle-shaped swamp in the last season; this year, they are getting ready to employ sonic core drilling, strategic dives, and finally, a historic big dig to find out what could be buried below.

Although it is not certain that Rick Lagina has a family life with a wife and kids, he certainly leads a life of adventure hunting for lost treasures with his brother.