Reality personality Marty Lagina's professional front is crystal clear, but unlike his career, Marty has not exhibited his personal front to the media eyes. The veteran media personality does not prefer to talk much about his married life and family.

Marty Lagina is an American reality TV personality, who holds a long-term experience of a treasure hunter. The Michigan native currently appears in the History series, The Curse of Oak Island with his brother and partners making an effort to solve the Oak Island mystery. Besides that, Marty is also an entrepreneur by his profession. 

Family Storage: Marty and Rick Lagina provide Marry Blake with an exclusive tour of Marty's winery in Traverse City, Michigan (Published on 12 March 2017)

Marty runs his company, Heritage Sustainable, which is the largest wind-energy producer in his state.

Marty Lagina's Bio & Journey To Treasure Hunting

Although Marty's exact birthday remains confined, it remains known that she was born in Michigan, United States. He studied Mechanical Engineering and graduated from Michigan Technological University in 1977.

Marty received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1982. He had already started his own oil and gas company, Terra Energy when he was a law student. 

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Sharing the dream to get acquainted with the Oak Island mystery since his early age, Mark and his brother Rick decided to solve the 220 years old mystery. At first, they run the show, The Fellowship of the Dig with the same concept, a decade ago.

Later, the Lagina brothers and partners started an ongoing reality television series The Curse of Oak Island, which first premiered in Canadian History Channel on January 2014.

The show comprises of their efforts to find the treasure or historical artifacts that are believed to be on the Island. Moreover, it also explores their discoveries related to areas such as Money PitBorehole 10-x, Smith's Cove, and the Swamp.

The series is still broadcasted in the channel which has been the world’s longest-running treasure hunt.

Marty, the executive producer of the series that earns $8-10 Million per season, has accumulated the significant amount of fortune from the success of the show.

Moreover, he earned $58 million after selling his company, Terra Energy. Through his dedication he put in his career, he currently enjoys an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Did Marty Lagina Find Gold On Upcoming Season Of 'The Curse of Oak Island?'

Along with the trailer of the sixth season of The Curse of Oak Island, Marty Lagina hinted on finding the team's first gold. The discovery came after a new technology that Marty used on the island in 2018, that allowed the team to see underneath the ground of Money Pit area.

The trailer features scenes from huge excavation works believed to have taken place on the Smith's Cove in 2018 as Marty discovers a medieval lead cross in the same place the year before.

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Different footage in the Money Pit reveals controlled blasts taking place within a grid system that is marked out on the ground using explosives. Marty stated in the clip that the new technology would make last year's operations nearly insignificant.

One different scene shows Marty telling the treasure-hunting group on finding their first gold on Oak Island while Marty and metal-detecting expert, Gray Drayton examine the item and remarking it as 'unbelievable.'

Marty Lagina ended the trailer by adding 'This year the dream comes true.' The Curse of Oak Island Season 6's airing date has been set for November, showing a majority of drone footages as they give aerial views of the excavation works after the uncovering of a u-shaped structure at Smith's Cove in 2018.

Marty Lagina's Low-Key Married Life And Family 

Talking about his relationship, Marty is currently in the conjugal relationship with his wife, Olivia Lagina, the Rutgers University graduate, and former petroleum geologist at the Wiser Oil Company, since a long ago, despite the fact that the details of their wedding remain unclear.

The wiki sources suggest that the couple shares two children, a son named Alex Lagina and a daughter named Maddie Lagina. Marty's son, Alex is a general manager at an Italy wine manufacturer, Villa Mari vineyard located in Michigan, which is owned by the family.

Marty dedicates his spare time to his family and often visits several sites with them. In 2010, the Lagina family went to Yosemite National Park in California.

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Moreover, the family is a supporter of the Michigan baseball team, and in April 2018, they went to the stadium to cheer their team.

Complete Frame: Marty and the family enjoyed baseball in the Michigan stadium in April 2018. (Photo: Maddie Lagina's Facebook)

Similar to their professional relationship, Martin sustains a close bond with his brother, Rick. The two brothers enjoy adventure and frequently visit their Island with family.