American reporter Darlene Rodriguez not only exchanged the 'I Do' vows with her husband, but she also stood and lived by it. Despite having their marriage hit by sexual misconduct claims and divorce rumors, she held by her husband; reaping handsome rewards.  

The New York native gained popularity serving as a reporter for WNBC, the flagship station of NBC network. She is one of the most known faces in the station after serving for the past 15 years, as the co-anchor of Today in New York. 

Work Bound: Darlene Rodriguez talks about her challenges around her becoming a news reporter, growing up in the Bronx as a child, fake news vs real news, Donald Trumps choice to have Dr. Ben Carson on his staff and more (Published on 28 January 2017)

Darlene regularly updates about her to her fans through her well maintained Twitter handle which has over 25k Followers.

Know About Darlene Rodriguez

Born on 16 June 1970,  Darlene Rodrigues, spent her formative years in the Bronx, but now resides in New York. She belongs to Puerto Rican ethnicity.

She enrolled at Christopher Columbus High School to receive her high school education in 1988. While studying at the high school, she developed enthusiasm in journalism became very active in the field. Moreover, she also got involved in various local cable news programs.

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Four years after which, she got graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and political science from the University of Miami, in 1992.

Darlene Rodriguez 's Two Decades On WNBC

In her early days, Darlene worked as a reporter for Bronxnet cable television in her hometown for a year. Later she moved to WCBS Newsradio 88, where she worked as a general assignment reporter for four years.

Darlene has been associated with WNBC for more than two decades. Initially, she served as a fill-in newsreader on a weekend program, Weekend TODAY. She later became a co-anchor of Weekend Today in New York.

In 2003, she was announced as a co-anchor of Today in New York, a weekday programme in the network, centering on news and gossip from the big apple.

Showtime: Darlene appears alongside co-anchor Michael Gargiulo in the show, Today in New York in February 2018 (Photo:

Darlene's Net Worth In Millions: Lavish House Shows

When it comes to earning, Darlene deserves an impressive salary from her long stint to WNBC as a reporter. 

The NBC employee receives an average salary of $72K, however, as one of the most prominent faces with the network she commands a much higher figure earning. And her net worth has received a boost due to her exertions with the network. 

Despite having the exact figures confined, she probably enjoys a net worth in millions, and the fact is best illustrated by her lavish house brought in a seven-figure sum. She owns a lavish house along with her husband on Hudson Newyork, named 11 Georgia Lane

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The house bought for cool $805,000 in 2004, is currently valued at more than 2 million US dollars in today's market making her a millionaire on her own right. 

Darlene & Accused Husband David Rodrigez Share Stong Bond

Darlene shares the marital relationship with her 47-year-old husband, David Rodrigez. He is a former highly decorated veteran of the New Rochelle Police Department.

In 2008, her husband, David was accused of misusing his authority to have sexual contact with a teen girl. 

He was initially charged with first-degree rape after being involved in raping the 17-year-old girl after he and other cops arrested her 35-year-old boyfriend for domestic violence.

David was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge and ordered to stay away from the victim for five years. 

Regarding the severity of her husband's crime and her public personality, many commentators speculated that Darlene's marriage was heading towards a divorce. 

However, in contrary to the beliefs, Darlene stood by her husband stating that she and her husband had a tremendous amount of love in their marriage, and they would like to get on with their lives as a family.

She also clarified that she was not seeking a divorce from her husband, instead wanted to support him during his tough times.

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After the incident, David resigned from his job as a police officer.

Darlene Rodriguez: Proud Mother Of Two Children

Darlene and David's love has withstood the toughest of tests and now share a happy married life with three children. 

The couple is proud parents of 17-year-old son David Jake and a 15-year-old daughter named Natalia. Moreover, she is her post on her social sites evince a family woman and her love towards her family.

The 48-year-old has not only proved herself as a supportive wife but also a responsible mother so far. Back in 2013, she walked on the stage of New York Fashion Week with her daughter. 

In July 2018, she shared a throwback picture with her daughter apologizing to her for the way she did her hair at her childhood. On the occasion of her son's birthday, she uploaded a childhood picture of her son with a lovely caption.

The caption states that the birth of son made her heart grow 10 sizes bigger. She added that she thanks God every day for being chosen to be his mama and watching him grow into such an amazing young man is truly the highlight of her life. 

Similarly, she went to her son's high school in April 2018 and watched his performance to encourage him. 

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Darlene is not only a mother to their children but also to a wonderful dog, Roxy.

Darlene's Family Moments With Husband And Children 

Darlene is one of the lucky women, who have accomplished success both on her personal and professional front. She enjoys the moments with her family by visiting various exotic sites.

Darlene enjoys a family ride with her husband and children in May 2018. (Photo: Darlene Rodriguez's Instagram)

On the Valentines day 2017, the NBC anchor uploaded an Instagram picture with her husband and penned a sweet message for him stating that they had been too strong for too long and wanted the bond to only grow stronger. 

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Having managed to divert the rumors of divorce Darlene is enjoying a blissful marital life.