Cheryl Casone was always close to her family, but what did she do when her family was at the risk of being taken apart by a killer?

The Florida-native is the anchor for Fox Business Network and occasionally reports for the Fox News network too. Previously, the reporter with ideal measurements was the host of Fox News' business analysis program Cashin' In. As a part of Fox News Network Cheryl has interviewed the who's who of the political world including Tony Blair, Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton.

Fox News: Cheryl Casone discusses contemporary political issues and SKY Network's bidding war (published on 20 September 2018)

The beautiful host allures audiences not only with her journalistic skills but also with her magnetic body measurements, especially her shapely legs. Sources give her body measurements to be 36-27-37, with the height of 5 feet 7 inches and weight of 63 kgs.

Cheryl Casone Wanted To Earn Her Living By Speaking From Early Age

Born on 8 July 1970, in Clearwater, Florida, Cheryl was clear from her early age that she wanted to derive a living out of speaking. Her family, which consisted of her father and mother were supportive of her passions and let her pursue a career in her field of interest.

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Cheryl graduated in Behavioral Science from the Northern Arizona University majoring in public relations in 1992. Immediately after graduation she drifted a bit, and worked as a flight attendant for five years, and spent travelling all over the world including Nepal, New Zealand, Europe and Australia. 

Cheryl's Career With Fox News And As Author

It was the year 1997 when she started her media career with the CNX Media. After that, she moved to KRON-TV as a general assignment reporter and also got her first taste of anchoring a show. After KRON-TV, she moved to MSNBC and occasionally anchored MSNBC Live. She also worked as a freelancer with CBS News and CNN reporting and providing insights to the business scenario. 

In the year 2006, she joined Fox News Network and hosted one of the most popular business programs in the network, Cashin' In for four years, from 2009 to 2013. As of 2018, she is the Business News anchor for the Fox News Network.

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Apart from her journalistic venture, Cheryl is also an author of the book, The Comeback: How Today's Moms Reenter the Workplace Successfully, a non-fiction book for encouraging women to get back to work after childbirth, and detailing how to do so and become more self-dependent.

Cheryl Loves Her Family, Sees Her Mother As Inspiration

Her father was an engineering consultant and had to continually move places, which transmitted the travel bug into her, a passion she still follows.

It was her mother, however, who was the most significant influence in her life. Despite serving full time as a secretary, she had time for her husband and her daughter but loved working. It was Cheryl's mother who encouraged her to work and become an independent woman. As a child, Cheryl was in awe of how her mother managed her family consisting of an always travelling husband and an attitude-laden daughter with her professional life and yet grinned enthusiastically every night before sleep, content with the days work. 

Despite not getting married and never wanting to have children herself, Cheryl was grateful to her mother, and all mothers in general because of the hardships they had to face and still managed to carry themselves forward. And as an ode to her mother, Cheryl penned a book The Comeback: How Today's Moms Reenter Workplace Successfully, a collection of her childhood memoirs of her mother and an inspiration to all others aspiring to manage their professional life with family.  

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The family her mother raised with all guile and skill, however, is in danger.

Killer Cancer Takes Family Apart, How Did Cheryl Respond?

Cheryl lost her grandfather in her early age to cancer so, she always feared the disease. With the risk of cancer very high to immediate relatives of the victim, Cheryl's father was at risk of getting one. 

Her fear proved to be true after her father was diagnosed with cancer and sadly lost his battle with the disease. It's not just father and grandfather who she lost to the disease, as her Fox Radio colleague Mike Majchrowitz was also a victim of the deadliest killer disease. 

Cheryl, however, is not giving up on her fight against the fearsome disease and regularly donates to the organization fighting against it. 

Cheryl Casone tweets about cancer link in her family (Photo: Cheryl Casone's Twitter)

She tweeted about how her father and grandfather were taken away from her by cancer in 2016  and further wrote that everyone had to stand up and fight against it.

Recently, she was part of the 2018 Susan G Komen Greater NYC Race For Cure, 28th instalment of the annual 5 Km walk, in order to raise awareness about cancer and make the patients going through the treatment feel supported and empowered. The race will be led by Cheryl's fellow Fox News anchor Gerri Willis, who is herself suffering from stage 3 lobular breast cancer.

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Cheryl seems adamant about the fact that cancer can be cured and is intent on saving other's lives, despite losing that of her near ones.