American journalist Peter Doocy was deemed as a gay by his followers for one of his posts on his social sites. The rumors, however, did little to disturb his blissful married life with his family. 

The Washington, D.C. native has followed in his father Steve's footsteps into journalism. Peter is the Fox News correspondent based in Washington D.C. Prior to that, he worked as a general assignment reporter for the channel at the beginning of his career.

Father's Day Gift: Peter Doocy surprise his father Steve on Fox & Friends with a gift on father's day occasion (Published 15 June 2018)

Peter often interviews high-profile American politicians, with the viewers loving his style of grilling them on various matters. He was one of the first journos to interview President Donald Trump in June 2016.

Peter Doocy Was Born To Veteran Fox News Journalist Steve Doocy

On 21 June 1987, Peter was born to parents Steve Doocy and Kathy Gerrity in New Jersey, United States and grew up with together with two siblings. Peter's father Steve is a veteran journalist associated with Fox News, especially recognized as the co-anchor or Fox & Friends, a morning show on Fox News.

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Peter attended Villanova University in Philadelphia and, inspired by his father, worked as Pennsylvania Sports Arena reporter for Fox News.

Peter stands very tall at a towering height of 1.9 meters (6 feet 5 inches).

Started Carrer From Fox News In 2009

Peter began his career as a general assignment reporter for Fox News Channel in 2009. He covered various news stories in the channel including the Midwest flood in 2011, Hurricane Sandy, and the Presidential Elections in 2008 and 2012.

His remarkable moment in his career was the exclusive TV interview with former Navy SEAL, Robert O'Neill, who killed Osama bin Laden in May 2012. That special report earned the highest ratings of any documentary in the history of Fox News Channel.

Peter also worked as a substitute anchor in the morning talk show, Fox & Friends in 2015.

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Peter Doocy's Questions To Senator John McCain Didn't Go Well

During the latter half of 2017, the relationship between Senator of Arizona, John McCain, and president Donald Trump was at an all-time low, even though they both belong to the same party.

In regard to this, during a brisk interview, when Peter asked Senator McCain, "Has your relationship with the president frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?"

To this Senator got furious and lambasted against Peter for asking such a "dumb question" and that as a Senator he wouldn't let personal grudges in the way of his responsibility.

Peter Doocy's Salary And Net Worth In 2018

Peter has gained not only fame from his profession but also earned an attractive amount of salary. As he has been associated with Fox News for nearly a decade he receives a handsome paycheck from the network. suggests that he earns an average salary of $120k per year. Moreover, he also enjoys the net worth of his father, i.e., $2 Million.

Peter Doocy And Father, Steve Doocy's Onscreen Appearance Together 

The attachment between Peter and his father, Steve, was often noticed by the viewers of  Fox & Friends when Peter substituted as one of the hosts of Fox's flagship show.

In Father's day 2018, Peter wished his father, while he was reporting for Fox & Friends from the Whitehouse in July 2018. He even thanked his father for fulfilling everything for him and his sister. Replying comically, Steve gave a television remote for him.

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Is Peter Doocy A Gay?

Regardless of confined relationship status, Peter made a tweet back in November supporting the American Senate of passing gay marriage legislation in November 2013. He stated that he supported President Obama's ruling allowing gay marriages and was happy to have voted for him.  

This led his followers to start professing him as a gay. But, he has not confirmed his sexuality yet. So, until he comments on the matter, it is still a mystery.

Peter has not flaunted his relationship status in the social media to date which has also made the claims about him being gay more substantial.

However, he had a comic reply on his Twitter post back in June 2013 regarding his girlfriend. Peter said that he took a flight from Charlotte to Charlotte and came back to the same place, and had to start again. And one of his followers replied that it would be funnier if he had two girlfriends named Charlotte, to which Peter agreed.

Peter Doocy Is Not Married But Has No Shortage Of Love 

Pete, aged 30, is unmarried but his solitude is lessened by the company of his family. He has a significant love for his parents. Steve and Peter are one of the few father and son pairs on television networks. Their sound relation not only exists in their profession but also in real life.

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Likewise, he does not fail to demonstrate his love for his mother. Peter, is the brother of two sisters and also loves them equally. His Instagram often consists of his moments with the family.

One such instance is on the occasion of the 2018's Mother's day. Peter went for a boat ride up the Intracoastal Waterway with his family.

Family moments: Peter enjoys Mother's day 2018 with his family at the Intracoastal Waterway. (Photo: Steve Doocy's Instagram)

Peter's elder sister, Mary works as a counsel for the House Oversight Community, and his younger sister, Sally serves as a sales planner for Fox News.

While still young in his career and life, Peter has shown the early signs of greater career heights. About his personal life, however, it is best to say nothing and wait for the good news.