Fox News Correspondent Amy Kellog had everyone familiar with her professional front, but many of her followers remained oblivious to her personal part giving a rise to their curiosity to know her on a personal level. 

Amy Kellog is widely known as a courageous reporter who openly explored the terrorist attack from Iran, Chechnya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Age Of Befalling Tragedies: Amy Kellogg reporting the search for survivors after the 600-foot section of raised highway collapsed in Genoa from Fox News (Published on 14 August 2018)

Amy Kellogg, as of now, is a correspondent for Fox News in Milan. She has been serving on a Fox News Channel since 1999 as a correspondent based in Moscow.

Amy Kellogg's Broadcasting Career

Before her journalism career in FNC, she worked as a  reporter for WSYT- TV in Syracuse, WBRE- TV in Wilkes-Barre and WNEP- TV in Scranton, PA.

Besides that, she also worked as a television reporter in Pennsylvania. After Amy entered Fox News Channel in 1999 as a correspondent based in Moscow, she gained immense popularity and became the role model for many.

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She also covered the conflict in Crimea and Kiev live from Ukraine in 2014. The journalist reported the 2012 London Olympics, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Russian and Iranian elections and 2011 Amanda Knox appeal trial.

Moreover, Amy has explored several cities while reporting the news stories. In November 2015, Amy said live from France to record the terrorist attacks in Paris. Furthermore, courageous Amy Kellogg has reported several terrorist attacks from Iran, Chechnya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, India, and Africa.

Having received her B.A. from Brown University in Soviet studies, she earned her M.A. from Standford University in Russian and East European. Later, she spent the second semester of her junior year at Leningrad University. Apart from this, she chooses to keep her family life, early days and other information to herself. 

With a profession that demands her to be in front of the media all the time, it is quite surprising that Amy has a personal life precisely opposite to that. With information about her personal life still under the wraps, she seems to be a very secretive person. 

Amy Kellogg's Reports On Her Country's Populists' Battle for Power

Coming from Italy, Amy didn't hesitate a bit when it came to writing on Italy's populist parties battle for power when the election ended in the parliament hanging by a thread.

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Amy wrote about Italian politician Luigi Di Maio announcing about the start of the Citizens' Republic and how he didn't get to become the Prime Minister.

Italy's vote resulted in a hung parliament as Luigi's five-star movement got only 32% of the vote while it needs 40% to form a government.

Sadly Not Prime Minister: Luigi Di Maio announcing triumphantly about the initiation of the Citizens'  Republic in March 2018 (Photo:

Amy also reported on the cancellation of Silvio Berlusconi's comeback to be the kingmaker who in some polls was made to run the country.

The fact that Silvio and President Vladimir Putin have always gotten along led to the conclusion of Italy not giving too much trouble to Russia. Amy ended the report, following the strong anti-establishment mood in Italy while the Democrats didn't excite trust in voters.

Amy Kellog's Personal Life, Still A Mystery

Amy Kellog, a keenly dedicated journalist, keeps revealing the fact to the world through the news and continuously updating the people through her reporting skills. But she is yet to open up about the personal aspect of her life. 

Amy has already been in the suitable age for the marriage, but she hasn't leaked any indication about her romantic life and remains secretive when it comes to revealing about her married life.

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However, fans have suspected of her being in a relationship or having a possible husband but believe she is hiding the news to stay away from unwanted media attention. 

As she hasn't made any official confession about her marital status, looks like she is focused on developing and establishing her career for now. Besides her marital status, she hasn't revealed about her family and her birthday too.

It's likely that the news reporter doesn't feel comfortable sharing her personal affairs publicly. Amy puts her personal life beyond the reach of the media but often comes up openly about her professional life.