Gillian Turner, the news correspondent of Fox News Channel, is happily engaged with her fiance Alex and shares a long-time romantic relationship with the man of her dreams.

Well, what about the next step after getting engaged?

Gillian Turner Bio(Age): Reminiscing Childhood On Birthday

The Fox Correspondent is comfortable with keeping her private life to herself. Which is why it is difficult to figure out details on her family and early life. Hence, we might as well satisfy ourselves with what is known about her. 

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Gillian was born in Cape Town of South Africa on 6 September 1982. Her parents, whose details are equivalent to non-existent, might have belonged form South Africa and the United States each as she spent her childhood flipping from Cape Town to New York.

Se celebrated her 36th birthday in 2018 and posted a picture of her 5 years old self. Hence giving a glance of her younger version. 

Happy Birthday: Gillian Turner posted her childhood picture on occassion of her 36th birthday. (Photo: Gillian Turner's Instagram)

The TV personality graduated in Arts degree in Comparative Politics, from Columbia University in New York and mastered in  African Security Studies in Cape Town. She is in just in her middle thirties, yet she has attained worthy feats in the career for her age. 

Gillian Turner En Route To Getting Married?

Gillian Turner, who previously worked at the White House National Security Council during the presidential administrations of George W. Bush, seems to enjoy love life with her fiance Alex Kramer, who is the Vice President, Design/UX Leader at Optoro

Even though Gillian remains utterly silent when it came to revealing details of her love life, she does seem to mention her fiance, Alex in few of her Twitter post. 

Not only has she put her love life out of sight for the media but has not disclosed how she met and fell in love with her possible husband as well.

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Nevertheless, she does mention him as "my fiance" in few of her Tweets. Her "fiance" tweet first surfaced the media back in September of 2015. In the tweet, Gillian expressed Alex's views of Elizabeth Gilbert, the American author. Gillian wrote, "my fiancé says 'she's like #StarWars for women!"

A few months later, November the same year to be precise, Gillian uploaded a selfie with Alex with whom she attended a wedding of their mutual friend. In the picture, Gillian clung close to him posing for the snap. 

Future Husband?: Gillian Turner with Alex Kramer at Simon's Town in South Africa (Photo: Gillian Turner's Instagram)

The pair attended the wedding of their mutual friend in Simon's Town situated near Cape Town in South Africa, which is home to the South African Navy. 

Adding to it, back in August 2016, Gillian replied to one of her followers on Twitter who was asking if she wanted to adopt two Cocker Spaniels. Responding to the request, Gillian wrote that even though she would love to have the two pets join her family, her fiance would not agree to it as it turns out they already share a pet together.

She even made a gesture that Alex would leave her if she got another pet into the family. Gillian wrote, "I would love nothing more but my fiancée would leave me if we got another."

Well, through the post it can be speculated that the pair lives together and share a pet.

Adding to her series of Tweets about her fiance, back in October of 2016, Gillian tweeted how Alex had been on the phone with Xfinity, the cable, and internet service provider for hours which made her feel like her life was "unraveling." 

A few months later, i.e., in December 2016, Gillian, who celebrates her birthday every year on 6th September, shared a picture of herself in her newsroom as she welcomed 2017 with open arms. In the photo, Gillian was witnessed with a ring on her ring finger, which seemed like an engagement ring.

Allegedly Engaged: Gillian Turner flaunts a sparkling ring in a photo captured in the Fox newsroom. (Photo: Gillian Turner's Twitter)

Even though caption revealed no such information, her followers seemed glad to see her engaged.  

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As of now, Gillian, at the age of 35, has not made any statements of her marriage even though she seems to have been engaged for more than a year.