While most of the 7-year-olds are happy unboxing a toy, Ryan has taken his passion a level up and created an unbelievable career out of it.

With a combined view of more than 22 billion(more than three times the population of the world), and more than 16 million subscribers, Ryan's channel is the go-to platform for any toymakers trying to advertise their toys to the global audience.

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Ryan Started His Path To Youtube Fame At Age 4

The young age Youtuber was born on 6 October 2010, to parents of Japanese origin. His father is a structural engineer whereas his mother is a former high school chemistry teacher.

Ryan's parents, who met during their school days, mingled up after becoming friends and later got married. 

The Youtuber, aged just 8, was a fan of toy review videos and asked his mother at the age of four to shoot him unpacking and reviewing his toy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Parents Are Dedicated To Ryan's Passion

The couple's dedication towards Ryan is evident by the fact that they do not do interviews in their son's name and have not even disclosed their family's name to maintain privacy. Ryan's mother even left her day job to focus more on her son's passion for making videos and both the parents can be spotted helping him prepare his videos.

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Well, the sacrifice of his mother has been all the worth as Ryan is now one of the highest earning YouTube celebrity of all ages, young or adult!

Small Age; Big Achievement 

Initially, the channel started in March 2015 but failed to get going and had just a few views. Undeterred, the family kept making the videos and uploading to YouTube, and it finally worked; video of Ryan unboxing the GIANT Lightning McQueen Egg Surprise, where he digs out more than 100 cars turn by turn went viral, pushing the four-year-old enthusiast towards stardom.

After the video, the views on the channel started doubling and tripling, and Ryan became an internet sensation; that video alone has been watched more than 800 million times on YouTube.


HUGE EGGS Surprise Toy Challenge: Ryan ToysReview's most-viewed video 'HUGE EGGS surprise toys challenge with inflatable water slide' (Published on 13 April 2016)

After the release of that video, Ryan created a video per day and uploaded to his channel, and the responses, until this date, remained undiluted. HIs innocent childhood antics and consumerism and his style of unboxing toys have made him one of the most successful YouTubers of our time, all this at a tender age of just 7. 

More recent of the popular videos is one in which Ryan pranks his mother by making big monster noises and scare her a little.

Walmart Is Selling Toys Of ToysReview

What defines Ryan's success more than anything else is that Wallmart, the American retail giant, is selling action figures of him. Ryan, who reviews toys, has been made into a toy himself and people are buying it.

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Ryan has been a big influence in the Toy industry, and big name among the small kids who spend a lot of their time on the internet. And it is a testament to the influence that Wallmart has finally decided to make and sell Ryan's toy.

Ryan ToyReview's Mouth-Watering Net Worth

Ryan's Youtube channel RyanToysReview was raking in an income of more than a million dollars a month through views and advertisements with the google. With most of his viewers in the range of 3 to 7 years old and concentrated mainly in the US, he has also helped his brand grow and rake in income of more than millions.

According to a Business Insider's report in December 2017, Ryan is a multimillionaire with a net worth of more than $11 million, with estimated yearly income ranging from half a million dollars to massive ten million dollars.

Besides that, the family also run another YouTube channel 'Ryan's family Review' with more than two million subscribers and an estimated yearly income of $ 400 thousand to $ 6 million.

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Combined with the income of both the channels, the family's net worth is in tens of millions and the with the YouTube boom surging to newer heights, the earnings of the young age sensation is sure to skyrocket.

Ryan ToysReview's Income Amounts Highest Of All Youtubers

Of all the entertaining videos that Youtube is stuffed with, it was cute gimmicks of eight-year-old old Ryan that went on to garner the highest income. According to the estimation by Forbes magazine, in the span of last one year, from June 2017 to June 2018, Ryan earned the total income of over $ 22 million. His earnings also include income from another of his channel, Ryan's Family Review, which gives insights into his family.

In the process of becoming the highest earning Youtuber, Ryan surpassed the likes of Jake Paul, Dude Perfect, PewDiePie. His income was almost doubled from the previous year, and his rank rose up to seven positions to snatch the top spot. Forbes further added that most of his income, almost $ 21 million, comes from the advertisements.

Ryan himself was cheeky about his success; when asked why people loved his video, he said,

Because I'm entertaining and I'm funny.

What's more heartwarming about Ryan is his love for deprived fellow humans. The unbridled joy of a child unboxing a toy with eagerness is matched with his philanthropy, as the toys he unboxes are given to the charities and goes to those who need those the most.

Ryan is just a regular kid on the block opening up gifts and exclaiming about them in excitement. But one thing different from other kids is that he gets paid for doing what he does.