Is the relationship between an adult and a minor ever justified? Experts might have debated about it for years but a Youtuber of 18 years of age, Ariadna Juarez, came forward renewing the debate. Is pedophilia actually a crime, or just an impediment to people's happiness?

The Texas native rose to fame through social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram, but she drew the attention of the world, including some serious social workers, when she came clean about her dating a thirteen-year-old boy.

A Day In Life Of Ariadna Juarez: Watch Ariadna in her vlogs about makeups, beauty tips, and lifestyle in her youtube channel (Published 20 September 2018)

According to the wikis, the social media star has thousands of subscribers in her Youtube channel and Instagram. Here we present to you about some interesting(?) wikis about her.

1. Ariadna Juarez's Wiki-Like Bio: Age, Height

Born on 5 May 2005, Ariadna Juarez is a Dallas based YouTuber and beauty vlogger. An averaged height persona, she is primarily a beauty vlogger who talks about makeup and beauty tips, while also campaigning for ‘Promoting Happiness’.

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People might have problems with her campaigns but that is just them having problems with someone’s happiness (someone being her).

2. Ariadna Was In Relationship With Minor (Aged 13)

So, here is the story. Ariadna was already famous on Youtube and Instagram but fame wasn't enough, she wanted to do some progressive works for society. She wanted to tell the world about love; there simply weren't enough love stories around.

So, she revealed that she was dating a minor of 13 years of age, while she was 18 years of age, i.e. an adult. She uploaded some photos of her and the kid, who was shirtless in some of them, in the bed.

Maybe, she wanted to show the world that love came in different shapes and forms, and for her pedophilia was one of them.

3. Appealed All The Fans To Support Her Relationship

Ariadna thought since it is all about happiness, people should have accepted her relationship instead of making that big of a commotion. After all, he is only five years younger than her—and a minor.

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Her point, since the two of them (one of who is a minor whom the state of Texas has deemed 'not of age' and thus incapable of making decisions for himself, especially of the sexual kind) are happy, people should have been accepting.

4. Minor's Mother Is Okay With Relationship

Another of Ariadna's point, the mother of her minor-boyfriend, who she is apparently 'in love with', is alright with the relationship. Her boyfriend's mother was caught saying about their dating;

It’s very upsetting for me to see them because I can see and I can tell how much they both love each other

She even uploaded a video with the mother, explaining how it is not an uneven relationship. She didn't say, however, on what grounds it is even.

Mom Is Okay: Ariadna Juarez (left) with her boyfriend's mother (right) showing that the older woman is okay with her minor son dating an adult (photo: 

Anyway, just because the mother agreed to the relationship, it doesn't become right.

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There is a kid who is not sexually mature, who has no idea about relationships. And Ariadna is open-minded enough to give her little boyfriend the green flag to make life-altering decisions.

5. Ariadna Decides To Wait, Will Try Again When The World Is More Accepting

Courtesy to the deafening outcry from people, Ariadna finally decided not to pursue the romance.

I can tell you, one year is not going to make a difference when you love somebody. You can love the same person today, tomorrow, next year or three years later. For that same reason, we decided we’re gonna wait and we are gonna try this again when everybody will be OK with it.

Well, Phew! Ariadna took the moral high ground (at least she must be thinking that she did). She decided not to take advantage of a minor, rather allow him to grow up and decide for himself. That was the only thing most of her critics were asking for.