American attorney, Stephanie Birkitt enormously came to the spotlight after the exposure of her dating affairs with the famous TV personalities and her character was questioned as she received some backlash in the past.

Stephanie Birkitt is known by people as the former assistant to David Letterman on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Height of Promoting Show: Stephanie Birkitt and Tony Mendez introducing the spin-off program, The Tony Mendez Show on the Late Show with David Letterman (Published on 2 October 2009)

In 2002, Stephanie was even named No.21 in USA Today’s “Pop Candy’s 100 People of the Year” list. 

Stephanie Birkitt's Bio: Height, Parents & Education

Stephanie Annie Birkitt was born on 7 January 1975 in Plymouth, New Hampshire. She comes from an educated family as her parents both engage in highly qualified jobs. Her mother is an assistant principal and father is a dentist.

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Stephanie, who stands tall at a perfect height, graduated from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in History and Communications. As per the wiki sources, Stephanie received her attorney license in California in 2011.

Also known as the “American Housewife” star, Stephanie, who possesses white ethnicity, has previously worked as an assistant for David Letterman on his show, “Late Show with David Letterman.”

Stephanie first appeared on Letterman’s show on 24 May 1996 and was regularly seen in the show as an office employee.

Stephanie Birkitt, at present, is a lawyer in California and has the full inside understanding of all the shenanigans that went down at The Late Show – despite the fact that she remains silent on the matter.

Stephanie Birkitt’s Relationship Update

Stephanie Birkitt formerly worked as an office assistant to the millionaire, David Letterman. She later formed a romantic relationship with her boss after appearing on his shows regularly.

Stephanie described her bond with Letterman in an interview with the entertainment weekly, where she said he’s the best boss she ever had. But their relationship grabbed the spotlight in October 2009, after Letterman announced getting blackmailed by a blackmailer to expose about the sexual affairs he had with his staff.

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The extortionist was reportedly identified as Robert Joe Halderman, an ex-boyfriend of Stephanie who is an American television news writer, producer, and director. However, Stephanie was neither aware of, nor involved in the blackmailing attempt.

As per the New York Post, the 43-year-old attorney was in a relationship with her boss although he was married, and often enjoyed romantic hikes with him while her former boyfriend Joe sat back home anxious about the duo.

Joe, while Stephanie was enjoying her steamy chemistry with the boss, found her diary where she illuminated the sexual affair she had with Dave. Her diary and email with her boss was the basis of the extortion.

The case later subsided, and after all that came to light, she hasn't been reported as being in a relationship. Moreover, it remains unclear if Stephanie is dating or shares a husband-wife relationship with her soulmate. 

Stephanie Birkitt & David Letterman: David Was Head Over Hills

Despite the fact that David felt guilty all along while cheating on his wife with Stephanie Birkitt, he was totally swooning over her.

David even invited Merrill Markoe, the former head writer of The Late Show with David Letterman to the show in the mid-2000s with the excuse of doing some Olympic segment.

With Ex-boyfriend: Stephanie smiles for a selfie with David Letterman on 3 October 2009 (Photo: 

Merrill thought that he wanted her to appear on air only to find out David wanted her to write segments for Stephanie to perform on camera.

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Taking everything into consideration, it's crystal clear that Stephanie had quite a good relationship with David with all her demands getting fulfilled.

Even though David was attracted to Stephanie, he held some fear inside when their affair was revealed.

He wouldn't leave the show early to avoid facing his wife or even talk on the topic. And as for Stephanie, she had been given a paid leave of absence from the show.