American actress Amelia Heinle met both of her ex-husbands, who were her co-stars on the set of two different series. However, both of her marriage ended in divorce.

The two time Emmy winner gained popularity from the character of Stephanie Brewster on soap opera Loving. She has been portraying the role of Victoria Newman in the award-winning television soap opera, The Young and the Restless since 2005.

Award-winning performance: Amelia appears on The Young and the Restless series (Published on 14 November 2018)

For the regular role in the long-running series, she has won the Daytime Emmy Award two times in a category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Amelia Heinle 's Bio

The industrious actress was born as Amelia March Heinle on 17 March 1973 in Phoenix, Arizona. An avid traveler, Amelia has a lot of interests in dogs and possess three pet dogs; Walter, Rufus, and Po Po.

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She grew up along with four younger siblings in Arizona and later moved to New Jersey accompanying her family at the age of 15.

Her Career In Succession; Loving, Jack & Jill, The Young and the Restless

Amelia started her career in at the age of 20 in 1993 when she was cast as Stephanie "Steffi" Brewster in Loving. She appeared on the show till 1995 before starring again in the show's spinoff named The City from November 1995 to January 1996.

For her alluring performance as Stephaine, Amelia was nominated for the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Female Newcomer in 1994.

In the next ten years, Amelia achieved huge feat as she did many television films including the 1997 horror TV-film ‘Quicksilver Highway’ where she portrayed the role of ‘Darlene.’

Moreover, she appeared in many movies; ‘Black Cat Run’ in 1998, the western fantasy film ‘Purgatory’ in 1999, ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ in 2000, and the most loved, fictional television film ‘Earth vs. the Spider’ in 2001.

During that period, she also did three films, ‘At Sachem Farm,’ ‘Liar's Poker’, and ‘The Limey’  featuring mostly in supporting roles.

Moreover, she has appeared in various television roles that include The Limey (1999) Earth vs. the Spider (2001) Another Night (2003) and CSI: Miami (2009). 

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Amelia has been appearing in CBS's soap opera, The Young and the Restless, in a supporting role of Victoria Newman since 2005. 

Heinle surprisingly appeared as a guest star in season 4, episode 20, of  "Stage Fright," with fellow daytime drama actress Lesli Kay in April 2009.

Apart from Television shows and films, the Arizona native has also made an appearance in the music video for Everclear’s song “I Will Buy You a New Life,” a radio classic since 1997.

Her Family & Sisters

Amelia loves her family and demonstrates her affinity towards them on her social sites. She shared an adoring picture of her parents in January 2017 reflecting love towards them.

She also has a close bond with her sisters. On her recent birthday in March 2018, she uploaded an Instagram video of enjoying a birthday cake presented with one of her sisters.

Heinle Has Been Divorced Twice From Two Co-star Husbands: 1997, 2009

1. First Husband: Michael Weatherly

Despite her successful career, Amelia, 45, has not been able to enjoy prosperity in her married life. She was first married to American actor Michael Weatherly (50 years old in 2018) on 26 September 1995.

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They first met on the sets of Loving, where Michael played the role of Cooper Alden. They witnessed their divorce after two years of their marriage in November 1997.

Amelia shares a son named August Manning, born on 10 January 1996, from her ex-husband, Michael.

2. Second Husband:  Thad Luckinbill

After Michael, she tied the knot with American actor Thad Luckinbill (43 years old in 2018) in March 2007. They met on the set of The Young and the Restless in which Thad was featured as J.T. Hellstrom, and they even played as a married couple in the series.

Amelia and Thad have two children from their relationship; a son named Thaddeus Rowe, born on November 2007, and a daughter Georgia March, born on December 2009. The children could watch their mature parents act on-screen despite them being separated in real life.

Their married life was going well until her then-husband, Thad filed for divorce on 1st March 2017 after a decade of their marriage - citing “irreconcilable differences,” plus he also filed for the joint custody of their two children.

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Similarly, their on-screen marriage had a similar fate. Despite Thad (J.T.) and Amelia (Victoria) having a child, Reed, they couldn’t make their marriage work. They ultimately separated with J.T getting full custody of their son. He also later married Mac and welcomed a son with her named Dylan.

Amelia & Thad On The Young And The Restless

Despite the differences in their real-life marriage, Amelia and Thad separated their business and personal life - playing love interests, Victoria and  J.T. Hellstrom - in the famous series.    

2018 remained the year when the pair said goodbye both in personal and professional life. Thad's character J.T. was killed by his ex-mom Nikki Newman (American actress Melody Thomas Scott) with a fireplace poker from behind when she saw him manhandling his wife and her daughter, Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Two other characters, namely Phyllis (American actress Gina Tongoni) and Sharon (American actress Sharon Case)  witnessed the incident live with their eyes.

Backside Stab: Nikki whacks J.T. with a fireplace poker out of fear on The Young And The Restless in April 2018 (Video: EW)

Coincidently, Amelia and Thad's 10 years of marriage also ended in the year 2018.

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They met in 1991 when he joined the cast and separated in real life as a couple in the same year his character J.T. witnesses his end. It was reportedly Thad who filed for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Amelia Heinle' & Her Children 

Despite the two divorces,  Amelia is not far from her responsibility as a mother.

She has been a caring mother for her children, who exhibits her love towards them on social media. She prefers to enjoy with her children visiting various sites on their holiday - she enjoyed beach fun with her two kids in April 2017. 

Water-So-Trippy: Amelia Heline and her kids enjoy fresh dip inside water at beach (Photo: Amelia Heinle's Instagram)

Likewise, she spent the summer holiday with her children in Georgia in April 2018.

Is Amelia Helina Dating In 2018?

When it comes to dating, Amelia has remained mum about her relationship status in 2018. In the distant past, she was once also rumored to be dating the Bold and the Beautiful star Dax Griffin.

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She has been keeping an amicable relationship with the fathers of her kids and is projecting herself as a responsible mom balancing her personal and professional life.