Married for more than a decade, Suzy and her husband had had their fair share of controversy when it came to personal life. In 2009 it was rumored that Suzy's married life was headed for a divorce. 

The 58-year-old Philidelphia native is best known for hosting ESPN's Monday Night Football. In addition to working as host of Monday Night Football, she also hosts weekday studio show NFL Insiders. She also covers the NFL Draft and Superbowl week for ESPN

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Suzy, an American football sideline reporter, was one of the original anchors for ESPN2 when it launched in 1993. But three later she left the show and joined the Fox News; and later in 1999, she returned back to ESPN.

Suzy Kolber's Short Bio

Born to Gene Kolber and Sandra Kolber on 14th May 1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania information regarding Suzy's early life has not been revealed yet.

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But it remains known that she completed her education at Upper Dublin High School in Pennsylvania, and later graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunication.

Endorsement Deals & TV Gigs Helps Suzy Kobler Amass Hefty Net Worth

Suzy started her professional career while she was an undergraduate, serving as a sports director at Dynamic cable from 1984-1986

After her university graduation in 1986, she worked as a videotape coordinator for CBS Sports. She worked as a sports producer for WTVJ-TV from 1985 to 1989.  Later she joined Fox News in November 1996. She served as the lead reporter for the coverage NFL on Fox. She has covered different events after she joined the ESPN.

Her growing popularity has landed her lucrative endorsement deals including a deal with the video game giant Sega to use her broadcast narration. She's also featured on ESPN NFL Football for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PS 2. Her most prestigious gig, however, comes in the form of a national television spokesperson for automobile giant Chevrolet and Pepsi-cola commercials.

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Because of her well-established career in journalism and endorsements, she has earned a net worth of $18 Million. While details regarding her salary remain confined, we can surely say all the success brought by ESPN and FOX News has helped her get a place in the wealthy club.

Suzy Kobler's Plastic Surgery and Fans Reaction

54-year-old Suzy recently has had plastic surgery on her face. Although information regarding her enhancements is still a mystery, one of the Twitterati complemented her saying she looks good.

Another fan made a tongue and cheek remark on her rumored plastic surgery on Twitter with the hashtag #barelyrecognizeher saying:

I wonder how much Suzy kolber's plastic surgery cost this off season. I say $15,000

Is Eric Brady Still Suzy Kolber's Husband? Or Is She Closeted Gay/Lesbian?

Even after a decade of marriage with her longtime boyfriend Eric, Suzy rarely makes public appearances. This gave rise to their divorce rumors and fans including the whole media was unsure about their relationship status.

But the curious thing is the way they got married in the first place. When Suzy's daughter was born in 2008 she was unmarried and possibly secretly dating (if at all). This cause a lot of spark within media regarding who the father of Suzy's baby was.

Sometime later it was reported that she was married to a guy called Eric Brady. The wedding was very secretive; the family members outright refused to talk about Suzy's husband at that time, saying that it was entirely a private matter.

Apart from that, fans also suspected that she was a gay/lesbian, mostly because her dating life has always been secretive. In fact, nobody has even the slightest hint about her personal life before the age of 44, i.e. before the birth of her daughter and marriage to Eric Brady.

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They believed that she was lesbian still inside the closet, probably struggling to come out in open. As of now, no statements regarding her being gay or lesbian has been disclosed. However, with a successful marriage of more than a decade, it looks as if Suzy is nothing her fans suspect her to be.

Married Or Nah: Suzy Kolber happily married to husband, Eric Brady almost a decade now (Photo:

Whatever might be the reason back then for the controversy, the couple is assumed to be together until they speak out openly about their relationship. Suzy must be trying to keep her family matters away from the hustle of the media.