SPN’s very own Louis Riddick couldn’t help but recount an experience on Twitter. Co-incidentally, it was the first ever insight into the reporter’s personal life.

The Pennsylvania native is best known for providing in-depth analysis on ESPN’s NFL shows Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Matchup, and NFL Live. Alongside Suzy Kolber and Steve Young, Louis covers the halftime and post-game shows on each week’s Monday Night Football game.

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In addition to covering NFL, Louis regularly pops up on various ESPN platforms year round including Sportscenter, Get Up! and ESPN Radio.

Louis Riddick Bio: Age & Family

Born on 14 March 1969, Louis grew up in Quakertown, Pennsylvania alongside his brother, Robb. Louis and Robb have 12 years age difference between them. Like Louis, Robb is also a retired NFL player who had played for the Buffalo Bills(1981-1989).

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Louis, age 56, and Robb aren’t the only former athletes in the Riddick family. Their cousins, Tim and Will Lewis are also former professional players. The former is currently serving as the head coach of the Alliance of American Football(AAF) while the later is the AAF’s general manager.

The ESPN football analyst attended Pennridge High School. After graduating from high school in 1987, he enrolled in the B.A. program at the University of Pittsburgh to study Economics.

Louis Riddick Career At ESPN: Salary & Net Worth

Louis was drafted in the 9th round of the 1991 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers. His NFL career, which had spanned over a decade, saw him play for 7 different NFL franchise.

After announcing his retirement in 2001, the 56-year-old ESPN football analyst worked as a pro scout for Washington Redskins for three years. He was later promoted to Washington Redskins’ Director of pro personnel.

In 2008, he was hired by Philadelphia Eagles as a pro scout. Between 2010 to 2013, the University of Pittsburgh alum served as Philadelphia Eagles’ Director of pro personnel.

13 years after retiring from football, Louis joined ESPN as a football analyst in May 2013. He has been with the network ever since. In the beginning, Louis was a studio analyst. But after spending almost years with the network, around the first half of 2018, his role was expanded to appear on ESPN's Monday Night Football. As per the new role, Louis was to travel to the game sites and impart his insights for the halftime as well as post-game analysis. And at the same time, he kept his previous roles in the network's other shows like NFL Live, Sunday NFL Countdown, NFL Matchup etc.

Senior coordinating producer for the network's NFL studio shows, Seth Markman, praised him on his extraordinary analytical skills and insights in the game as he announced Louis's increased involvement for ESPN.

Every day Louis is on ESPN, he makes viewers smarter about football. He has earned this opportunity to expand his already prominent role, and our MNF audience will benefit from his insights, analysis and perspective.

The change also meant a renewed multiyear contract for Louis, and obviously a higher salary. About which, ESPN reportedly compensates Louis with six-figure salary for his services. His peer at ESPN Chris Berman commands a salary of more than 5 million per annum and Louis, being one of the finest analysts with ESPN, must also command a similar figure.

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His playing career and work as sportscaster have helped him amass a huge net worth. Despite the exact figures being undisclosed, he is thought to have a net worth in millions.

Louis Riddick Furtive Married Life With Wife & Son

For a man, who makes his living by flooding barrage of information into his audiences, Louis has yet to reveal anything regarding his married life with son and wife.

The little idea we have of his personal life came in a form of a tweet. On 23 October 2017, the ESPN football analyst sent out a tweet which mentioned his son.

Married Or Nah?:- Louis provides fans with rare insight into his private life in October 2017 (Photo:- Louis Riddick's Twitter)

If one were put two and two together, one would come to the conclusion -- given his son’s age, he could be married to his wife for over a decade.

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Judging by his Instagram activity - of 162 Instagram posts, none of which includes his wife - you would believe that the 56-year-old Pennsylvania native is married to his day job at ESPN.