Every year, people pegged Jason Carroll to be secretly married. The most sought-after bachelor at CNN put his Chelsea pad for sale, further adding fuel to the speculations.

The California native first gained popularity as a host of a yearlong series, A Soldier’s Story.

His unique storytelling and willingness to provide in-depth details to a developing story has provided audiences and analysts much to ponder.

He also received an Emmy nomination for his reporting of the New York City protests.

Jason Caroll, covers news of a veteran handing his purple heart to then Presidental hopeful, Trump (Source: Youtube.com)

After graduating from college, Jason began his broadcasting career interning at 60 Minutes and the Rand Corporation. Before arriving at CNN, he was a general assignment reporter for WPIX-TV in New York

Because of Jason’s razor-sharp cheekbones and a lanky figure, many modeling agencies approached him about a possible career in modeling while he was still in his teenage years. However, he chose to focus on journalism rather than pursue a career in modeling. 

Jason Carroll's Salary AT CNN

The Edward R. Morrow Award winner joined CNN in 2001. His introduction to the network came from working as a general assignment reporter in Los Angeles for CBS 2 News

His most revered contribution to date - A Soldier’s Story - was a yearlong series that tracked three newly recruited military personnel from their final days as civilians through deployment - came into development as a part of the Obama Administration’s new strategy for the war in Afghanistan.

He, along with his team, was provided with unprecedented access to the Pentagon while filming for the series. Also, he has hosted a documentary for CNN's special on the death of Muhammad Ali. 

Besides A Soldier’s Story, the former WPIX-TV reporter has also covered 2011’s historic capture of Osama Bin Laden, Hurricane Katrina, and the Earthquake in Haiti.

He was one of the first on the ground to cover the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 and reported round the clock during the riots in Baltimore Maryland in 2015.

He was chosen to cover the 2016 presidential election during which time he followed then-Republican candidate Donald Trump across the country during the campaign. His duties would also include substitute reporting from the White House. Working for CNN, he has also covered the London Terrorist Bombing (2005).

Back in 2018, Carroll traveled to London where he was featured during CNN and CNN International's coverage of the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Currently, he serves as the national correspondent for CNN and has reported for various shows including CNN Tonight hosted by openly gay presenter Don Lemon.

Jason is believed to earn a salary of around $70k-$99k for his exertions with CNN.

Jason Carroll's Family

Jason was born in Westlake Village, California to a father Melvin L Carroll, and a mother, Fredricka Allison. The media personality is the second oldest of his two siblings.

His father tragically passed away on March 4, 2013, at the frail age of 75 after losing the battle with degenerative lung cancer. His father, Melvin, resume included working for companies such as 3M; Parks Sausage; and Metpath.

Jason Carroll's $1.75 Million Pad

Former Ahead of the Curve co-anchor, Carroll, was splashed on the news after putting his Chelsea home for sale in March of 2018. His decision to put off his long-time beloved home for sale sparked speculations that he awaited significant changes in his life such as changing his career destiny or moving to his possible partner's place.    

The CNN reporter listed his stylish, sparkly, chic one-bedroom home in the rakishly-named Lion’s Head condominium, which is located at 121 West 19th street in Chelsea for sale for the price of $1.75 million. He had previously bought the property for $785k back in 2006. So, he’s looking to make a nice $1 million profit.

A luxurious 5,000 square-foot apartment put on the market by Jason in March 2018 (Source: 6sqft.com)

The apartment is a south-facing one-bedroom that starts with an entry foyer and a big closet for stashing winter gear.

The space has lots of windows so natural light is not an issue. Dining and entertainment can be accommodated in the gourmet kitchen itself. The kitchen consists of granite counters, Poggenpohl cabinets, Viking professional-grade appliances, and a wine fridge.

Also, there’s plenty of wall space for outsized art pieces, which is a good thing given the art-friendly neighborhood.

Apartment's Dining Area  (Source: Pinterest)

Moreover, the apartment’s spacious bath has double basin sinks, a full-sized soaking tub, and a separate marble shower.

With such a luxury "bachelor" pad up for sale, speculations have only increased. 

What's more, the media personality has done little to quash the rumors. And until and unless he decides to front up the media with his explanation the rumors show no signs of abating. 

Is Jason Caroll Married or Gay?

As things stand, Jason is reportedly unmarried. His obscure dating life has led to him being labeled gay in several quarters. Not just that, his hunky looks combined with his macho personality has established him as one of the most gossiped about celebrities to be gay. 

However, settling rumors could be the last thing on his mind now as he has his mind already occupied with two other things: career and $1 million profit he’s about to pocket from the sale of his Chelsea pad.

CNN's Jason Caroll's Net Worth

Though nothing is confirmed officially, basing assumptions off of Carroll's Chelsea abode, his long-running successful career at CNN, and rumors online, Jason Carroll's net worth is speculated to be $ 4 million to $7 million.

As far as his love life goes, we are still yet to see the introduction of a formal partner in his life.