It seems like forever ago that Sandra Bullock made her debut in Hollywood as Lisa Edwards in Hangmen. She has been in front of the camera for so long we rarely realize she has been giving magnificent performances for over 35 years.

However, she realizes the time that has passed. And she finally wishes some time for herself, some time away from the spotlight.

Bullock recently announced that she was taking a hiatus from acting and the industry at large. But why, exactly?

Sandra Bullock Going On Hiatus for Her Kids

In March 2022, during a sit-down with Good Morning America's Michael Strahan, Bullock spilled the beans on her decision to take time off.

She said she wanted to spend more time with her kids and family. That was the only reason she talked about during the interview.

"Right now I don't want to create anything that takes me away from just being present," Bullock said of her decision to step away from acting.

Further, she also confessed she wanted nothing that would affect her family life to happen. "I don't want to be doing a lot of things at one time that don't service the one thing that I want to be around -- my family," she added.

Her industry jobs had been taking a toll on her family life. Due to being involved in so many projects, she had to take the kids everywhere she went.

"They miss you," said Bullock after talking about how producing projects was a whole other ball game, and she was always on calls, leaving little time to hang out with her children.

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said her family was where she was the happiest. "I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family," she told the outlet. "That's where I'm gonna be for a while."

Sandra Bullock Doesn't Know the Extent of Her Hiatus

Bullock seems like she has never been off her prime. And this hiatus comes right before the release of her latest movie, The Lost City, alongside Daniel Radcliffe, Brad Pitt, and Channing Tatum.

However, she knows that this is the right time. That is because now, she knows who she is and what she wants from life.

When asked about her favorite thing about being a mother to Louis and Laila, she said, "probably the fact that I didn't have my children when I was still searching for who I was."

She was not feeling like she would be missing out on life because she had kids. They were her top priority for the foreseeable future.

Sandra Bullock is going on a hiatus from acting to spend more time with her kids.

Sandra Bullock is going on a hiatus from acting to spend more time with her kids. (Photo: Instagram)

Bullock did not know how long the hiatus would last, but she did know what she wanted to do in her time off with them — "Servicing their every need" and "their social calendar."

The Gravity actress's both kids are adopted. She adopted her first kid, son Louis, in January 2010, with her ex husband, Jesse James.

However, their divorce happened during the adoption process, and after the divorce, Bullock chose to adopt Louis as a single parent.

Then, in December 2015, she announced that she had adopted a second kid, her daughter Laila.