SPOILER WARNING: Plot details for Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail, episode 3 follows.

For ten years, Daniel Radcliffe brought the Harry Potter franchise to life as the titular character. He played the naïve but powerful wizard dedicated to defeating the monstrosity who killed his parents. 

Radcliffe was only 12 years old in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, so it is safe to say that he grew up while portraying Harry Potter. Now that it has been a decade since the last movie aired, he has revamped himself from his days in Harry Potter

Recently, he shocked his fans with his new avatar glitter makeup and leather chaps. Radcliffe sported this look on the August 3, 2021 episode of the latest season of Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail, which premiered on July 13, 2021. 

Daniel Radcliffe in 'Miracle Workers' 

Miracle Workers is a TBS anthology comedy series based on the works of comedian Simon Rich, with each season focusing on a new work by the author. The first season was inspired by Rich's 2012 novel What in God's Name, while the second was inspired by the short tale Revolution.

To date, two seasons of the show have aired, and the third season is ongoing. Radcliffe has been a part of the show since the beginning. He played the role of Craig Bog in Miracle Workers and Prince Chauncley in Miracle Workers: Dark Ages. 

For season three, Radcliffe is portraying Reverend Ezekiel Brown. Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail follows Brown, leading his famine-stricken community to look for a better life on the Oregon Trail.

He is accompanied by infamous criminal Benny the Teen serving as the trail master. Brown has a responsibility towards his society and is very rigid and disciplined. 

As a result, he is asked to loosen up. Brown takes the advice and gets drunk from snake oil. Then, the magic happens. 

In episode 3, he showcases the personality that he had hidden from everyone. In his drunken state, he performed a burlesque-style dance to 'She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.' 

He went shirtless, wore sequined hot pants, makeup, and a feathered neckpiece. Then, adding fuel to the fire, he thrust his pelvis, twerked, and showcased his singing and dancing skills on stage. 

Radcliffe Did Not Mind Chaps and Makeup 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunners Daniel Mirk and Robert Padnick gushed about Radcliffe and his dedication to the role. Since the beginning, they wanted Brown to peel off his exterior and dance to 'She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain.'

Their wish was fulfilled since the actor was all in for it when they pitched the idea to him. Radcliffe was so excited about the idea that he developed the dance with the choreographer himself. 

In addition, he practiced the dance rigorously and delivered a phenomenal performance. It is not surprising that Radcliffe dedicated himself to this role since "the craziest scenes are always his favorite."

The pair explained that the actor always works hard for the strangest and funniest bits. Another reason why he was into the performance might be his desire to be a drag queen. 

In 2008, Radcliffe had revealed that he wanted to play a drag queen and wear "loads of eye makeup." While the drunk Brown was not a drag queen, the actor's desire to wear eye makeup was fulfilled. 

Mirk and Padnick noted that costume designer Christina Mongini and makeup artist Brigette Hennech were behind the look for Brown's wild side. With a lot of attention to details on clothing like sequined shorts and bright makeup, the showrunners believe that they "nailed it."