The drama between TikTokers Nessa Barrett and Mads Lewis continues to grow online as they comment about what is happening. 

On January 22, a friend of Barrett and YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted a video on TikTok with the songstress. 

In the video, she wrote that her best friend, aka Barrett, was releasing an album about the truth.

Many fans assumed Mongeau was talking about the situation surrounding Barrett’s relationship with Jaden Hossler and her beef with Lewis, who started dating Christian Plourde after her relationship with Hossler ended.

However, after the video was reshared on tiktokinsiders, the ‘Counting Crimes’ artist clarified the rumor.

“I love Tana, but my album has nothing to do with drama or anyone lol,” she wrote.

Tana Mongeau claiming Nessa Barrett was going to address the truth between her and Mads Lewis on her new album

Tana Mongeau claiming Nessa Barrett was going to address the truth between her and Mads Lewis on her new album (Source: tiktokinsiders/Instagram)

Following Barrett’s clarification, several commenters criticized Mongeau for trying to “start drama.” 

Some even accused her of being “besties” with anyone for clout, but some were “excited” to hear Barrett’s side of the story.

Regardless of what the new album is about, this was not the first time Barrett and Lewis were in a drama.

Mads Lewis Reignites Drama with Nessa Barrett

The drama between Barrett and Lewis reignited when the latter claimed that the former was friends with other people for “clout.” 

Lewis made the accusation on the reality series, Famous, Like Me.

She claimed that her former friends gave her dirty looks and accused her of causing problems following the love triangle debacle between her, Barrett, and Hossler. 

In an interview clip on the show, she said that all her friends were suddenly friends with Barrett because they wanted to be backstage at “the concert.’

And the concert in question might include Justin Bieber because, according to Lewis, Barrett “might be clouting with” the famous artist. 

She continued that this pissed her off as no one knew the truth, and in the eight years of her being on social media, she had seen many friendships break up over clout. 

“Why are you not friends? ‘Oh, because I took all their clout, and I don’t need it anymore,’” said Lewis. 

This clip was reshared on tiktokinsiders, and Mongeau being the good friend, took to the comments to defend Barrett

Mongeau claimed that Barrett was the sweetest person and wasn’t friends with people for clout. 

She added if people knew the truth, they would side with Barrett, but the singer took the high road instead. 

Nessa Barrett Responds to Mads Lewis

Shortly after Lewis’ comments, Barrett took to her own TikTok account, posting a video with Hossler. 

Tiktokinsiders reshared this, and the video’s caption read, “lol IDK if I can hold this [expletive] in anymore yall.”

Fans assumed this was a response to Lewis’ comments, but Barrett has not confirmed this. 

In the comments, fans also expressed their exasperation at Lewis. 

One user wrote, “Mads has talked bad about Nessa so many times now IDK how she has said nothing back.”

But some users accused Barrett of dragging the situation. 

They claimed Barrett has talked about addressing the situation for the longest time, but she has not exposed Lewis so far. 

“If she has something to say, then say it. This ‘if only I spoke up,’ etc. is just as attention-seeking. Say it or ignore it,” wrote one user.