If you have been keeping up with the burgeoning drama of the energetic and famous youths of TikTok, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler will instantaneously pop onto your radar. 

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler's Relationship


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The duo started dating in April 2021 after collaborating on their first song called 'la di die.' However, their relationship sparked a lot of drama, and they faced a lot of backlash from fans after their respective exes called them out for alleged infidelity.

Hossler's ex Mads Lewis went on Dixie D'Amelio's YouTube show, 'The Early Late Show,' and claimed that Hossler had been unfaithful to her even before Barrett and had cheated on her throughout their entire relationship. 

Meanwhile, Barrett's ex Josh Richards went on his podcast, BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, and confirmed they had broken up, but he was 100% sure that his best friend and Barrett would not hook up. 

But after Hossler and Barrett officially confirmed their relationship, Richards blocked Hossler on social media. Fans started criticizing the duo for cheating on their respective exes, and some even claimed that Hossler was most likely to cheat on Barrett as well. 


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Hossler and Barrett have not addressed the cheating rumors, but recently Tana Mongeau defended the TikTok stars amidst the scandal.

Tana Mongeau Defends Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler 

On September 24, Mongeau uploaded an episode of her CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau podcast on YouTube. Mongeau and her friends discussed Dallas, the Harry Jowsey controversy, and the Los Angeles restaurant scene's dirty secret in the video titled 'THE DALLAS EPISODE.'

About halfway through the video, she talked about Barrett and Hossler. The three hosts spoke about people in a relationship and on tour, which prompted Mongeau to say that Barrett and Hossler gave her hope. 

Mongeau noted people were too quick to judge the couple and forgot that they were young. She added that she had made many mistakes "like that," referencing dating her ex's best friend when she was their age. 

She also revealed that she had heard about the situation from all parties involved off-camera, which made her sympathize with the couple and understand why Hossler and Barrett did what they did. She also added that she resonated with Barrett. 

Doing what you love with someone that you love too is the absolute best feeling in the world, in my opinion. So I like 100% am so happy about that. 

The YouTuber then commended Barrett for handling the entire situation. She opined Barrett had withheld much information that could vindicate her. 

But instead of going off, Barrett took the high road, which Mongeau found impressive. Although the backlash against Barrett and Hossler is not likely to stop soon, there are fans and fellow creators still supporting support them.