On June 7, 2022, the original Tiktokroom reported that Nessa Barrett and Josh Richards had followed each other on TikTok. 

The outlet reposted a screenshot of Richards’ followers' list, which included the pop singer. 

In the comments section, fans noted that this was a sure sign that the duo was dating again. 

“They are definitely gonna get back together, lol,” one user wrote, while another wrote, “I don’t know if they’ll ever cut ties, tbh.”

Barrett and Richards had unfollowed each other on March/April 2021 after news broke out that the former was in a relationship with the latter’s friend, Jaden Hossler

Richards was heartbroken over the news, and there were speculations that Barrett might have even cheated on him. 

But after almost a year of dating, Hossler and Barrett confirmed their break up on May 2, 2022, saying they were focusing on their careers and mental health. 

And ever since then, netizens suspect the BFFs podcast host and the ‘Dying on the Inside’ singer are dating again because they have been spotted hanging out together multiple times. 

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett Spark Dating Rumors

On May 16, 2022, Barrett and Richards were spotted together for the first time since they had broken up. 

But in an episode of the BFFs podcast, Richard clarified they were just on a casual dog walk and trying to get some closure. 

He assured everyone nothing was going on between them, even though his co-hosts, Dave Portnoy and Brianna LaPaglia, thought otherwise. 

And on May 21, 2022, they made headlines again after photos and videos of the duo hanging out at a party went viral. 

It wasn't easy to decipher what was happening, but it looked like Barrett was whispering to Richards. 

A witness who was at the same party claimed that they had seen the rumored couple dancing and grinding with each other. 

They added the duo had even made out at one point and left the party together. 

As if that was not suspicious enough, they were also caught liking fan edits, which were a compilation of old videos from when they were a couple. 

Josh Richards Maintains His Stance on Tea Talk

On May 12, 2022, Richards and his friend Bryce Hall discussed the possible reunion of Richards and his ex-girlfriend on his YouTube show, Tea Talk. 

Griffin Johnson accidentally reveals Josh Richards and Nessa Barret are dating on Tea Talk

Griffin Johnson accidentally reveals Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett are dating on Tea Talk. (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

Hall asked Richards why he liked the fan edits, to which he replied it just reminded him of the good old times. 

In another episode of Tea Talk, this time with his friend Griffin Johnson, the BFFs podcast host clarified everything that had happened at the party where the witness alleged he had kissed Barrett. 

Richards noted he did not know Barrett would be at the party and shared he did not make out with her. 

However, he confirmed he danced with her, but it was nothing romantic, and described it as a “closure dance.”

After that, Johnson started talking about Barrett and Hossler and accidentally revealed that Richards and Barrett were seeing other, saying, “like you guys are back together now.”

Later, when he was asked to clarify his comments, he lied and said he was referring to when they were seeing each other, even though that was not the case. 

So far, Richards has not addressed Johnson’s comments, leaving many to believe he is dating Barrett.