Noemi Carmen González, commonly known as Nany Gonzalez, is a Hispanic-American reality television star who made her reality show debut on MTV's The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011.

Recently, she stole the spotlight with her appearance on The Challenge: Double Agents — the thirty-sixth season of the MTV reality competition series The Challenge.

In the season that saw Chris Tamburello and Amber Borzotra as winners, González and her competition partner Leroy Garrett scored third place.

Now, with her growing popularity amongst fans, many are curious to know more about her life away from the reality show. So, here are five things to know about the beloved reality star.

1. How Old Is Nany From ‘The Challenge?’

The Jamestown, New York native, González, was born on January 26, 1989, making her 32-year-old as of this writing.

Growing up, she was raised by her single mother, who suffered from crack addiction. But after her mom got sober and married her supportive stepfather Charles, she experienced a stable upbringing with her sisters, Jasmine, Rosa, Stephanie, and Crystal.

On the other hand, her biological father, Leonel González, was jailed on drug charges before she was born.

At 14, when she found the letters her father had written to her, tucked away in her mother’s closet, she wished to see her father. She subsequently hired a private investigator to find him, only to discover that he had passed away in 2002.

She also found out that she had a brother and sister from her father's other relationship.

2. Her Other Professions

In addition to being a reality star, González is also a licensed aesthetician, and a skincare and laser specialist. A brief scroll through her Instagram shows a few videos of her performing skin and laser-related tasks.

Also, González studied criminal justice at Jamestown Community College, aiming to pursue a career as a parole officer. But that didn't work out for her.

During her college years, she was also an athlete and a cheerleader for a semi-pro hockey team.

3. Her Reality TV Debut

As previously mentioned, González made her reality TV debut with The Real World: Las Vegas in 2011. It was the twenty-fifth season of MTV's reality television series The Real World.

The show documents a group of diverse strangers living together for several months as cameras explore their lives and interpersonal relationships.

That particular season was filmed at a custom suite, built at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

4. Her 'The Challenge' Stats

Following her debut, she joined MTV's other reality show, The Challenge. She first appeared in the show's 12th season titled The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons in 2012. 

She then participated in The Challenge: Free Agents, where she finished second. Her other The Challenge credits include Battle of The Exes II and Rivals III.

Throughout her career, González has 24 wins in the reality show, with 12 eliminations where she has a record of three wins and nine losses.

5. Her past Relationship and Recent Romance Rumors

Before coming into the spotlight, the reality star was in a six-year-long relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Jordy. But after she joined The Real World, she grew feelings for Adam Royer, leading to her breakup with the former.

However, her relationship with Royer was short-lived, as they called it quits, after he violently threw a fit at her in a drunken state.

Recently, González was seen kissing fellow reality star Kaycee Clark in the new trailer for the upcoming season, The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies.

"Kaycee and I met on Total Madness. We've always been allies in the game and have maintained a very good friendship since, but there was always an undeniable connection between the two of us," she told E! News in July 2021, hinting at their possible romance in the new season of The Challenge.

It would be interesting to see if the veteran players come out of the closet and express their love for each other.