After the end of MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents, viewers are now eager to learn more about the series' plans.

Double Agents featured many veteran players against new contestants, and several vets are expected to return for the upcoming season. However, some speculations claim that the new cast for Season 37 will also include a slew of new international faces.

Fans know the cast has a significant influence on how the season unfolds, so knowing who the competitors will be can reveal a lot about a season.

MTV has yet to confirm the cast members, but if the reports are true, fans are in for a treat this season.

The Challenge has been loved by the audience for decades now and the channel has recently been churning out back-to-back seasons which constantly makes viewers thrilled to see what’s next. 

 'The Challenge' Season 37 Cast

According to a spoiler account @GamerVev’s Twitter post in April, the new season’s pre-production was started in the same month. The cast's obligatory quarantine also began on April 11, 2021.

Many cast members had been quarantined, with more possibly on the way. However, not all of them are likely to appear on the show. MTV plans to isolate more cast members than is necessary, in the scenario that someone tests positive for COVID-19. 

Unlike Double Agents, which was filmed in the bitter cold of Iceland, Season 37 will take place in Croatia, where contestants will not be required to wear as many layers.

According to the format, the cast includes a mix of veterans and rookies, but this season appears to be veteran-heavy.

Nany Gonzalez, Nelson Thomas, Amanda Garcia, Nam Vo, Tori Deal, Devin Walker, Liv Jawando, Fessy Shafaat, Ashley Mitchell, Cory Wharton, Jay Starrett, Big T, Josh Martinez, Kaycee Clark, Aneesa Ferreira, and Kyle Christie are among the reported cast members who will return for The Challenge Season 37.

The viewers can see plenty of rookies as well. Mark Byron (Big Brother UK), Emy Alupei (Survivor: Romania), Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor), Ed Eason (The Circle), Jeremiah White (Love Island 2), Michelle Schubert (Survivor), and Kelz Dyke (Too Hot to Handle) are among the season's rookies. 

Several candidates, including CT Tamburello, Darrell Taylor, and Tori Deal's ex-partner, Jordan Wiseley, are mentioned as "up in the air."

More cast members and substitutes are likely to be added as MTV prepares to construct its quarantine bubble for The Challenge Season 37. Also, the contestants are frequently eliminated from the game because of injury, so the quarantine alternates could be able to fill in.

When Will 'The Challenge' Season 37 Premiere? 

While the fans are waiting for the premiere, MTV has remained silent on the topic. 

However, some speculations stated the season was briefly halted owing to coronavirus protocols. A source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup on April 26 that the shooting had been paused after a cast member tested positive for COVID-19.

The publication reported that a cast member tested positive after he/she had already been in the Task House and completed and shot the first daily challenge.

“That’s especially problematic because [that person] was in close contact with many other cast members and crew,” the source added.

The positive test was reported five to six days after filming began, after a quarantine period and many weekly COVID-19 tests.

According to the source, the only explanation was that the person had COVID on arrival but as positive results sometimes take up to 14 days to appear, they tested negative at first. 

The first task was filmed in Istria. It featured cast members teaming to liberate a heavy chain and other items from stacks of enormous concrete blocks.

As per Ashley's sources, even though it was taped outside, the players were still near one another.