It looks like Monty Lopez is done staying silent and has a lot to say about his wife and everyone else on social media. 

On August 8, 2022, he took to Instagram to spark conversation on Tana Mongeau's body count.

“We got a little excitement going on in the realm of social media, but I got a question for Tana’s body count above or below 300?” wondered Lopez in his story. 

But that was not the most alarming part. After the video caught Mongeau’s attention, the internet personality commented on the video, writing, “I am calling the police.”

Lopez was unfazed by Mongeau’s comment and asked her if she was talking about her body count. He even told her to take a bath instead. 

Mongeau and Lopez’s exchange was screen grabbed and shared by tea page tiktokinsiders. In the comment section of the post, he commented, “if she calls the cops, they will take her away for the count.”

Monty Lopez talks about Tana Mongeau's body count in his Instagram story

Monty Lopez talks about Tana Mongeau's body count in his Instagram story. (Source: Instagram)

It looks like the father of three is excited about the drama because in another post uploaded by the outlet, he wrote, “let’s freaking go.”

Tana Mongeau Responds to Monty Lopez’s Body Count Comment

After realizing that Lopez was not taking the situation seriously, Mongeau took to the Instagram story and spilled some tea.

She said it was not fun and games, noting it was one of the most embarrassing TikToks she had seen this year. 

Mongeau explained she had held back during this entire scandal, but she was no longer doing that since Lopez wanted to beef with her. 

“But clearly, he wants to beef. I mean, firstly, why would a grown man, a father, is even remotely discussing my body count is beyond me. We have all seen paparazzi videos of him stalking me to get a selfie with me,” said Mongeau.


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Besides the stalking, the internet personality noted she was also weary of getting text messages and face time from Lopez.

She even claimed that Lopez kept trying to hit on her girlfriends and insinuated she had seen him do drugs one too many times at several teenage events.

She continued exposing Lopez, claiming she had to back him off multiple times from her friends' houses and bedrooms when they were scared of him. 

Mongeau did not explain further and alluded she would reveal everything in a podcast session with Jeff Wittek. She then ended her rant by saying she hoped to see Lopez “in jail or court.”

Tana Mongeau Exposes DM about Lopez

After her story went live, Mongeau took a step further and revealed a DM she had gotten from one of her followers about Lopez. 

The DM read, “one time I was at a party, and Monty came up to me and asked if I was '[sleeping] with him' and then went out back to do some coke.” Mongeau had also tagged Lopez in the story.

Netizens were shocked by Lopez’s behavior and sympathized with his uber-famous daughter, Addison Rae

“I can’t even imagine how Addison is dealing with this, I would lose my mind if my dad was pulling something like this,” a user worried for Rae. 

“He is so creepy, I’m sorry. I would smash my head into a wall if this was my dad,” wrote another user. So far, neither Rae nor her mother, Sheri Easterling, has responded to the drama.