It seems YouTuber Mike Majlak and boxer Logan Paul have buried their differences and decided to move on. They have recently been bonding with each other and recording a lot of podcasts together. 

Here is an in-depth explanation of what happened between the Impaulsive Podcast duo and how they eventually seemed to have come to terms. 

The Start of the Drama

The apparent beef started when Majlak, as a guest, attended the Mom’s Basement podcast hosted by Daniel “Keemstar” Keem and Ricky "FaZe" Banks. In the podcast, he made a few negative remarks about Paul. 

The YouTuber spoke critically of the incident when Paul, in episode 235 of his Impaulsive Podcast, defended Harry Styles at the time when the internet community was mostly negative toward his November 2020 photoshoot with Vogue Magazine. 

He further accused Paul of having a habit of speaking, only to bring attention to himself and his podcast. As reported by Sportskeeda, Majlak was quoted saying,

I’m gonna be honest, if Logan [Paul] sees with a celebrity of that stature of Harry Styles, he is gonna say something on the podcast to squeeze it into the red.

Logan Paul Responds to Mike Majlak "Beef" Rumors

Due to Majlak's antics, Paul was believed to have left his long-time friend back home as he headed to Dorado, Puerto Rico. He was there to prepare for his exhibition showdown with one of the boxing greats Floyd Mayweather, scheduled for June 6, 2021. 

The boxer would later go on to write a lengthy post on a now-deleted Instagram post, claiming, "Mike will change his character based on who he's with and what room he's in." 

In the same post, he shared with everyone that he had "caught Mike in lies before."

Mike Majlak Responds to Being Fired from Impaulsive

Soon after, Majlak wasn't seen on Paul's podcast. Speaking to the No Jumper podcast, Majlak denied "getting booted" from Paul's Impaulsive Podcast. He cited Paul's busy schedule as the reason for not recording anything new.

The boxer/YouTuber was preparing for his big fight with Mayweather. Majlak further called the time gap a "hiatus."

They Are Back Together Doing Podcasts

Since then, the Impaulsive duo has come a long way, and many assume that they have finally moved past their apparent beef. 


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If their YouTube channel is to be considered, the assumed "hiatus" is over, and they are back to producing podcasts regularly. 

One of the main reasons for their supposed reunion might be the apology Majlak commented on Paul's now-deleted Instagram post where he agreed he made a "tasteless comment."

Majlak further wrote that he "loves to run his mouth, saying things sarcastically." Also, a podcast video posted on YouTube by Impaulsive Clips on September 03, 2021, hints that Majlak is now a part of Paul's family.

The podcaster-turned-boxer revealed how during a family dinner gathering, Majlak was present. He also shared a funny story involving his aunt and Majkal when his aunt from his mother's side got infatuated with his fellow podcaster. 

We don't know what he actually meant with this story, but we can get the impression that the beef between the two no longer exists.