If you have watched award-winning films like The Survivalist (2015), Suspiria (2018)and Emma (2020), you must be familiar with Mia Goth, who made her acting debut in 2013 in the movie Nymphomaniac.

The English actress, born Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth, played the lead role of Milja in the post-apocalyptic thriller The Survivalist

She similarly portrayed the supporting role of Sara Simms in Luca Guadagnino's remake of Suspiria.

And in Jane Austen's novel-based period romantic movie Emma, she portrayed the character Harriet Smith alongside Johnny Flynn (George Knightley) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma Woodhouse). 

Now, in 2023, she portrayed Gabi Bauer in Infinity Pool and is now anticipating her upcoming slasher horror movie MaXXXine, in which she plays the character of the aspiring adult film star, Maxine Minx. 

Previously, she portrayed the character, Maxine, in X and its prequel Pearl in 2022. MaXXine is the third and final installment of the X series, distributed by A24. 

But it is not just Mia Goth's acting that has helped her become fans' favorite in her brief career. Besides her performances, fans also admire her simplicity and beauty.

Speaking on a similar topic, Goth sat down with Into The Gloss in 2017 and talked about her views on the makeup and appearance changes she had to do for her characters. She also touched upon the hair beauty products she used.

In the interview, she showed an openness to changing her looks as per a role's characterization, and that surely showed the epitome of professionalism she possessed to click with any role.

"The best part of acting is characterization—being able to explore people and explore behavior. Hair and makeup are such great tools for understanding characters," she said at the time.

The actress continued to share, "When you're trying to find a character before filming a movie, you do the hair and put on the makeup, and you step into the character's shoes—literally—and that usually tends to be the clicking point. It's very powerful."

However, she has realized that altering her natural looks for her characters is one thing, but living day-to-day with the changes is a totally different ball game, which she wouldn't prefer if it was not for her movies.

In fact, she didn't do makeup before acting. She used to do only eyeliner flicks because she was fond of Amy Winehouse.

"For Goth, I just finished a movie called Suspiria, and I had to cut my hair and dye it for the first time. Before that, I had really long virgin hair—I got it at done at Mêche with Tyle Mahoney because I'd heard they were good. But I've realized that once you color your hair, it's a full-time commitment," she shared.

She added, "For shampoo and conditioner, I use Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Hold—it lathers really nicely and keeps the integrity of the color. There’s also the Alterna Bamboo Smooth Moisture Mask, which is a really nice hydrating mask I use once a week, but other than that, I try not to put too much product in. And I like it like this. I think it's important to change your hair up once in a while—not to always remain the same."

And after she got his breakthrough from Nymphomaniac (2013), she was spotted proudly attending public events and red carpets with her thin, light eyebrows, which made many wonders if they were real. 

Now, after more than a decade, Goth's scarcer eyebrows are deemed as bleached-style eyebrows, and, believe it or not, it has gone to be a trend— celebs such as Kendall Jenner (2022 Met Gala), Kim Kardashian (Interview magazine feature), Lizzo, Cameron, Lily James, and Julie Fox have artificially bleached their eyebrows to maintain similar looks as Goth.

However, the process of bleaching the eyebrows is not as easy as it sounds. If not done properly, the process can permanently weaken and reduce the thickness of one's eyebrows, especially if used for a longer period of time.

Worst of all, the bleaching also has a high chance of causing irritation, and also endangering the eye if the bleaches slid inside. That's why some states still ban hairstylists to bleach their brows

Even the Kylie Jenner said in 2023 that she regretted her decision to bleach her brows for a campaign.  

Indeed, the celebs and the fans have seen the style as a fashion statement, while Goth embraces her natural eyebrows—so did the directors of the horror film X who didn't bring changes to her natural eyebrows and pale skin.

It was revealed that the directors were also fans of natural beauty. 

Mia Goth posing at Pirelli's calendar launch in 2020.

Mia Goth posing at Pirelli's calendar launch in 2020. (Photo: Instagram)

In this article, we extensively cover the Southwark, London native's eyebrows and beauty secrets, and also touch upon her personal life, including her age, husband, parents, baby, and dating history

Mia Goth on Her Light Eyebrows

During the conversation with Into The Gloss in 2017, Goth revealed that she had never worn makeup before starting acting.

But as she began watching actresses and eventually became one herself, she regularly dashed a bit of mascara around her eyelashes.

Not just that, she didn't do anything to her eyebrows for most of her life. "They aren't bleached, just natural light," she added on her unique eyebrows.


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She even felt that her light eyebrows made her look strange when she was a little kid.

However, as she grew older, she realized her light brows were special since they helped her stand out from others.

Mia Goth is proud of her light eyebrows.

Mia Goth is proud of her light eyebrows. (Photo: Instagram)

"So I'm embracing them. It's new to have defined eyebrows like this," the actress shared while implying she was not planning to do anything with her brows anytime soon.

Hence, it is answered now. Goth's eyebrows aren't bleached and they are all natural and real.  

Mia Goth shares her Beauty Routine

While speaking with Vogue in June 2017, Goth proved that she is a realist who embraces her natural looks in the day and age when people like to alter their appearances with extensive make-ups and plastic surgeries. 

In the interview, Goth admitted that her unique beauty had left a mark on casting directors, who often contacted her for specific roles.

The Everest actress said she was especially considered to play a part in horror genre projects.

The diva was even comfortable to share that it was the reason she was cast to star opposite Robert Pattinson and Patricia Arquette in the sci-fi horror adventure High Life.

The interviewer then asked her about her beauty routine and how she managed to remain pretty scaled back and fresh most of the time.

Goth was quick to respond to the question, as she revealed that she took a natural approach towards her beauty by trying to eat healthy food.

"With skin and beauty, it always starts from within. So I try to eat very healthily,” she said.

"Obviously, I like a pizza and a bourbon at times, but it's important to have a balance," she jokingly added, while sharing she drank water as much as she could.

Besides, she said she applied sunscreen on her body regardless of the weather. And as for her body, she preferred to use concealer by Yves Saint Laurent and Sisley's tinted moisturizer, blush from MAC, and mascara by Benefit.


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That said, she loved keeping things simple and believed that less was always more in both beauty and fashion.

Mia and actor husband Shia LaBeouf parent a Daughter

In 2022, People reported that actor Shia Labeouf and his wife Mia Goth were expecting their first child together.  

The pair married in 2016 in an unconventional wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, but they filed for an amicable divorce in 2018.

Later in April 2020, at Disneyland,  the actor was publicly spotted wearing a wedding band, while Goth was seen donning both— a diamond ring and a wedding band. Both of them were photographed arm-in-arm.

The pair met for the first time in 2012 during the filming of Lars von Trier's NC-17 drama Nymphomaniac: Vol. II. They also worked on a music video in 2014. The Future Unlimited's music video for 'Haunted Love' was directed by LaBeouf. 

They separated multiple times forward. Before LaBeouf, Mia had no known dating history.

How old is Mia Goth?

 Mia Gypsy Mello da Silva Goth was born on 25 October 1993 (age 29) in Southwark, London, England to a Canadian father of Scottish descent, Eric, and a Brazillian mother, Rachel.

"I always say that they are like fire and ice, they have totally opposite personalities,” she shared with AnOther in 2017.

Her maternal grandfather is the famous American artist, Lee Jaffee, a Jewish American, and her maternal grandmother is Brazilian actress Maria Gladys. 

Goth was primarily raised by a single mother, a waitress, during her childhood. Her parents, especially her father, thought she would live in a gypsy lifestyle.


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Goth had a nomadic lifestyle growing up. Her mother relocated to Brazil when Goth was only a few weeks old because of financial struggles. 

“My mum was 20 and from Brazil and needed help from her family," she revealed to INews in 2018. 

When Goth was three, her parents separated. Later, after two years, her mother took her back to Britain, but Goth struggled to blend in a new environment and felt that she didn't belong in one place. She shared with AnOther, 

I think the other kids thought I was a nutcase, and when you are five that is a big deal. It affects you as you just want to fit in. I was gap-toothed, had no eyebrows and my last name was Goth, so the odds were pretty much stacked against me.

When I’m in Brazil I’m not Brazilian at all, I am a gringo. And then when I’m in England I’m not really English, but when I lived in Canada I was considered too English. So I never really felt like I clicked somewhere, or that I belonged to one place

When she was 10, the family later moved to her ice-trucker father's home country Canada to be closer to him. 

“We tried to live with my dad and that was a disaster, not good at all,” she shared with INews about her experience living with her dad. 

In Canada, Goth didn't like the fact that she had to change schools (she changed nine schools) frequently because of her parents' constant movement. So, she resorted to lying about her parents' profession. She said,

I think that’s how I first started to act. Some of the schools I wouldn’t fit in and I would be bullied. As a result you try to fit your character to the group so you start adopting different ways of being. At one point I became a huge liar, as I knew I would never be anywhere for long. I would say my dad is a brain surgeon or my mum is a chef.

A level of stability came to her life when she and her waitress mother moved to Southeast London and settled there. She was 12 at the time and started attending Sydenham School.


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"Me and my mum moved there so that I could be closer to my dad who is an ice-truck driver, but it didn’t work out," she told AnOther. "It was difficult because my mum was a waitress and with that income, it was difficult to raise a child in Brazil, and in Canada the logistics were hard and so London seemed like the rational place for us to be. Then, when I was 12, we settled in Catford and mum is still there now." 

At age 14, she was discovered by fashion photographer Gemma Booth at the Underage Festival in London after which she appeared in Miu Miu and Vogue advertisements as a talent for Storm Model Management.


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Two years later, she tried acting after completing her secondary education (sixth form) and landed the role of P in Nymphomaniac and the rest is history.