Mike Majlak recently told Logan Paul why people were speculating that he was the father to Lana Rhoades' son Milo.

He talked about this in the Impaulsive podcast. Majlak began by asking his co-host and team to cheer for Rhoades, whose real name is Amara Maple, for becoming a mother for the first time.

He then shared how he had spent the last eight months explaining to people that he was not Milo's father.

Majlak reasoned with them, telling them that the baby boy would come out looking different from him.

However, he admitted that the boy came out looking "pure as the driven snow," which made him look more like the baby daddy.

"Like a Macadamia nut and I'm driven right back into the fold again," remarked the YouTube.


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Elsewhere during the conversation, he mentioned people's condemning comments about Rhoades's baby.

In the model's announcement post regarding her son's arrival, one had commented "Poor kid," which received over 20,000 likes. "That kid is getting bullied," penned another, which got over 35,000 likes.

Paul quickly responded to Majlak, telling him with conviction that Milo wouldn't get bullied if people knew who his father was.

Why Lana Rhoades Keeps Her Baby Daddy a Secret?

People have been speculating about Rhoades' baby daddy since she got pregnant with her son. The speculations spurred after Rhoades announced her pregnancy six months after breaking up with Majlak.

And thereon, the search inquiry regarding Majlak immediately changed from "Who is Mike Majlak dating?" to "Is Mike Majlak the father of Rhoades' baby?"


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However, the vlogger has continuously denied being Milo's father and has said "no" whenever asked if he was the father.

There are a few names in there as well, including Blake Griffin, the Brooklyn Nets star Rhoades was linked to following her breakup from Mike.

But one thing is certain: Rhoades does not want to reveal the identity of her baby daddy to the rest of the world.

She explained her decision by posting a message on Twitter.

"I was in a public relationship for a year prior to this, I've learned there are some things I want to keep private and my relationships are one of them," wrote Rhoades.

The explanation, however, wasn't enough to keep her followers from speculating.

"That makes it even worse if you are pregnant from some random dude," read one comment. Rhoades' quickly responded to the commenter, writing, "No one said anything about random."

She added that her baby daddy could be a "sperm donor, her ex-husband, her new boyfriend," or simply just a guy she hooked up with.

Are Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Back Together?

There are even rumors about the two being back together again. This comes after Rhoades left a reply to Majlak's tweet about him not being "wired for monogamy."

Lana Rhoades replying to Mike Majlak on Twitter.

Lana Rhoades replying to Mike Majlak on Twitter. (Source: Twitter)

A user commented on the tweet by hinting that the queen, which Majlak hasn't found yet, is out there. Rhoades continued the thread by replying with an uneasy face emoji.

The YouTuber had previously helped Rhoades move to Chicago after her pregnancy, despite not being her son's father.

He made a video about the process in which he even asked the model who the dad was, to which she sarcastically replied by questioning, "You?"