Logan Paul got vocal about his marriage plans during a conversation with Mike Majlak and George Janko on his Impaulsive podcast streamed on November 24, 2021. 

As per his accounts, the internet personality has been looking for a woman worthy of being his wife.

He is on a mission to find the woman he would fall in love with and give his heart. He even explained he would like to raise a family with her

After Paul shared he was ready to settle down, his co-host Janko lauded his plans. But he wondered aloud if Paul wasn't getting the right person because of how he was dealing with dating.

The Follow Me actor asked if he wasn't paying attention to his previous girlfriends or relationships and understanding the omens.

"Are you looking? Are you actively looking for it or are you just kind of like making dues on what you have now?" he questioned. 

Paul quickly replied, "No, I am looking." He explained he was always looking at everything and claimed to be a "looker."

The 26-year-old even insisted he would know if a person worthy of being his wife appeared in his life. "I am gonna notice, recognize that, and pursue. I know I'm gonna be in hot pursuit," he added. 

Logan Paul's Dating Difficulties

Although Paul clarified he was looking for a loving girlfriend, he mentioned there was an "extreme comfortability, power, and confidence in being disconnected from women."

Elsewhere in the conversation, he stated he deliberately tried not to connect in the minutia of relationships.

In his own words, he was on a hunt for making money and was separated from the idea of dating. 


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Upon his confession, his best friend Majlak posed a contrasting statement, alleging that Paul would have an ongoing mini relationship with dozens of girls at the same time. 

Paul corrected him, stating that the maximum number of girlfriends he had at a time was four. But he also uttered those weren't his serious relationships.

Finally, to give a clear picture of what he was saying, Paul shared a story about his ex-girlfriend he had dated for six years.

He alluded he was kind of serious about her initially; however, she turned out to be a different person over the course of their relationship and career.

Within months of their breakup, she even hooked up with one of his best friends.

The funny part is that her new boyfriend called Paul and asked for his permission to hang out with her. 

"Essentially and truthfully, it was hard for me at the time to say no, I don't mind," Paul recounted. But he ended up saying no anyway and was admittedly hurt.

The Ohio native added similar instances had hurt him so often that he would fake a disconnectedness with his girlfriends.

Then, he would convince himself he didn't care and let relationships run their course.