Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, his co-host, have been entertaining, educating, as well as holding discussions about various topics since November 2018 through their Impaulsive podcast.

In an episode titled 'My Friends Confront My Addiction - IMPAULSIVE EP. 294' released on YouTube on October 2, 2021, the two social media personalities talked about Paul's addiction and how a substance-induced experiment helped his creativity and artform.

The YouTuber first stated that he wanted to clarify he had never tried hard drugs or cocaine, saying, "I also just want to clarify when we're talking about substances, you're talking about three with me only."

"I was joking about hard crack, I don't even know if that's a thing. I don't do crack, I don't know." He added, "I've never done cocaine, never will do anything on my nose."

Afterward, Paul mentioned he usually just consumed drinks, caffeine and smoked to stay active during work, and whenever he wanted to relax. He even admitted that he was not sober during the podcast because he had a painkiller and drank RedBull to relax his injured arm.

Majlak then added people preferred a mixture of things like vodka and RedBull so that when they are down by the alcohol, the RedBull gave them the energy to level out things. He also asked Paul what he thought about that concept.

Replying to that, the 26-year-old celeb recalled an instance from about 30 days ago, during the podcast in Las Vegas, where he got the idea to mix substances to balance things later on.

"It's one of the greatest, most in my opinion brilliant things I've ever conceptualized and it's kind of taken over me," he shared, adding, "It's completely consumed me."


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He went on to state that the consumption of such mixed substances had a great effect on him, as he felt limitlessly creative. He also revealed that for the first time his inspiration came from within.

Paul explained that there was usually a brainstorming process for him, as well as for any content creators, but the substance-induced creative process gave him the strength to create things even with his eyes closed.

As soon as he completed talking about his realization and substance-induced creative process, Majlak made fun of him, saying,

It's called the flow state. You're in a long-lasting substance-inspired flow state, okay. So here's the issue, you're not the first artist in Los Angeles, you're not the first artist in the history of the past 100 years or so to be inspired through substance use.

Paul and Majlak continued to talk about other different kinds of substances people get addicted to, and how, in some way, every substance was harmful to the human body. Throughout the video, they also suggested people stay sober and avoid any kind of substance use.

The video left a good mark on the viewers as many fans commented that the podcast inspired them. "I actually got motivated from your content to get fit and work on myself to achieve my goals esp when an entire industry can seemingly be against you," one wrote.

You can find hundreds of similar comments on the YouTube video, thanking Paul and Majlak for awareness.