It has been almost ten months since American YouTuber and social media influencer Mike Majlak and his girlfriend, Lana Rhoades, shocked the internet in February 2021 when they officially announced their breakup

Rhoades announced she was eight weeks pregnant on her Instagram on June 2, almost six months after her breakup with Majlak, and fans have speculated if the YouTuber is Rhoades' baby daddy. 

The YouTuber has denounced the surging rumors multiple times that called him the child's father and said "no" whenever asked if he was. 

Majlak took the internet by storm last week when he posted a new vlog titled, "I moved in with my pregnant ex-girlfriend" where he asked Rhoades who her baby daddy was.

Who Is Lana Rhoades Baby Daddy?

In the video, when Majlak asked his ex-girlfriend who the father was, she sarcastically replied, "You?"

"Mike has his armpit hair in the wrong place and he has a fat, flat feet," said Rhoades as he broke into a big chuckle. 

Although the video's title was clickbait, Majlak expressed Rhoades was making plans of moving to a new place where she wanted to raise her baby and that he was helping her with the process. 

The pair was seen flying on their private jet with her belongings from LA and pets. Majlak even bought her new furniture and mattresses when they reached Chicago.

Mike Majlak Helped Lana Rhoades Move to Her New House in Chicago


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Majlak sat down with his friend Logan Paul during his IMPAULSIVE podcast clip titled, "Will Mike Majlak raise Lana Rhoades' baby?" to address his growing friendship with his ex-girlfriend and what the future holds for the two. 

Majlak was seen in his vlogs helping Rhoades with her plans of moving back to her hometown in Chicago, Illinois. She revealed she brought a new house there so that she's with her family that will help her with her pregnancy and because she wants to raise her child around her family members.

"She was planning to move with her eight-month pregnant belly, two dogs - one of which is a 100-pound Doberman, three pet ducks, and all of her belongings in her Range Rover across the country to her hometown. It's absurd," said Majlak.

"Where is she going to put all those ducks at night? In a hotel?" said Paul regarding Rhoades' plans as he chuckled with his two friends."The logistics of this doesn't make sense, and it never will."

Majlak told the viewers that he found her plans to move by herself extremely absurd and that he was even considering driving her from Los Angeles to her hometown in Chicago.

As a result, he took her into his private jet and helped her move to the new house that she brought in Chicago.

Paul spoke on multiple occasions about finding as Majlak is still helping his ex-girlfriend with her eight-month-old baby while he isn't even the baby daddy.