Social media influencer Kat Stickler is taking one step at a time to reveal the details of her new relationship. On October 8, 2021, she uploaded a video on TikTok sharing details about her new boyfriend. 

"You're dating a guy who respects you, adores you, and is proud of you," she wrote in the text overlay of the clip. Then the mother-of-one flaunted her million-dollar smile right before displaying the cute, loving messages she received from her boyfriend. 

"Good morning beautiful," the first message read. The ones that followed queried what Stickler wanted to eat and what he should bring for her.

The texts that had all fans in awe were the compliments the guy gave to Stickler. He messaged her, stating she had a good heart, shining beauty, and asserted he couldn't wait to see her face. 

He even spoke to Stickler with respect, adorably referring her to as "ma'am," and stated he was proud of her. 

To top it all off, the messages disclosed that Stickler's boyfriend cared about her daughter, Mary Katherine, commonly known as MK.  "How's MK doing today," he wondered. 

Then another statement revealed his family was already invested in their relationship. "Fam says hi," he texted Sticker. Interestingly, Stickler shared the revealing post on her Instagram as well.

While her fans flooded the comment section with heart-warming support for the duo, one particular well-wisher, fellow internet star Jaclyn Hill, validated their budding romance. 

"I saw you guys at the movies & you two were adorable!" she disclosed before adding, "Good for you girl!"

Kat Stickler's Update on Her Dating Status

Since the divorce from her husband, Mike Stickler, in March 2021, the content creator has kept her fans in the loop regarding her relationship status.

Back in July 2021, she hinted she was ready to date. She posted a video on her TikTok, addressing the burning question of her fans — whether she was prepared to move on from her divorce. 

In the clip, the 26-year-old ran away from the yacht and dived into the ocean, cryptically implying she was ready to dive into the dating game in retrospect. 

Within months after the revelation, Stickler surprised her fans and followers with updates on her dating life.


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This time, she flaunted a muscular hand in her TikTok, highly suggesting the man in question was her new boyfriend. The September clip saw Stickler wishing the man a happy birthday before sharing an apparent kiss.

That being said, the TikTok star didn't reveal the identity of her new partner. Nevertheless, her fans are convinced that her new boyfriend is non-other than a Florida native named Cam Winter

Winter is the brother of Stickler's best friend, Taylor Winter, a common thread that might have helped the duo bond.

But theories aside, Stickler has shared she will disclose the identity of her boyfriend at an appropriate time. In a TikTok update on October 5, the Miami native shared she would only show glimpses of her partner until she was ready to be open about her new romance.