In western nations, it is common for couples to live together. Especially when they get married, they move in with their husband or wife.

However, the same was not the case for Judy Greer and her husband, Dean E. Johnsen. The two have been married for over a decade, and they are still happily married. 

But unlike most of the couples, the two did not live together for seven years after their nuptials.

So while it seems inconvenient from a third person's point of view, the duo had the perfect reasons to do so. 

Judy Greer and Her Husband's Relationship  

Judy Greer met her husband for the first time in 2010, after their friends set them on a blind date. Johnsen is also heavily involved in the entertainment industry. 

However, unlike his wife, he works mostly behind the cameras, producing different projects. Since they were working in the same industry, they had mutual friends. 

Specifically, Matt Gunn, a writer on Real Time with Bill Maher, was the one who set the two up. Initially, Greer and Johnsen only talked on the phone. 

Judy Greer posing for a picture with her husband, Dean E. Johnsen, and dog

Judy Greer posing for a picture with her husband, Dean E. Johnsen, and dog. (Source: Instagram)

Soon enough, they met face to face. Greer confessed to Closer Weekly in December 2019 that she did not know what Johnsen looked like until their first date.

Unlike the tropes in romantic movies that Greer usually stars in, "it wasn't love at first sight" for the duo. She found him tall and handsome, but she did not fall in love with the producer then and there.

Eventually, they fell for each other fast enough to get engaged within a year of dating. They got engaged in July 2011 while on a trip to Napa, California. 

The Archer actress married Johnsen five months later in front of 200 wedding guests. Some of their celebrity friends like Rashida Jones, Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs, and Bill Maher were among those guests. 

After their wedding ceremony, Greer and Johnsen did not live together. In fact, they lived in separate houses in separate cities for seven years. 

This is because the duo was considering Johnsen's children from his previous marriage. The producer wanted to be close to his two children, who lived in Thousand Oaks, California. 

On the other hand, Greer lived in Los Angeles proper, around 40 miles away from Thousand Oaks. However, living in separate houses did not mean that the couple did not spend time together. 

They used to go back and forth to be with each other. While that is a little tedious to do often, Greer admitted she wouldn't change anything about their relationship. 

She confessed to People in September 2013 that her married life with her husband "is a little weird," but she "married the right guy" for her. Eventually, the couple moved in together in 2018 after the children turned 18. 

It was not a big adjustment for the pair. While they lived apart, they were renovating the house they currently live in. 

Therefore, they were looking forward to it, and when the time came, it was just perfect for them. 

Judy Greer and her husband, Dean E. Johnsen, in Japan

Judy Greer and her spouse, Dean E. Johnsen, in Japan. (Source: Instagram)

Does Judy Greer Have a Child?

No, Greer does not have any children with her husband. However, it is not that she did not consider having them. 

But she did not try to have children of her own. This is because she loves her stepkids and wanted to give all her attention to them. 

Being a stepmom was challenging to 13 Going 30 actress, but it did not stop her from trying her best.

She admitted it was "a big challenge to jump into the deep end of a family dynamic you don't totally understand."

She had to balance between establishing a relationship with the children and taking care of them. But with the help of her friend Michelle, Greer became the best stepmom she could be.