Thomas Petrou drops a big update regarding the much anticipated Netflix reality show, The Hype House.

In the wake of the show's cancellation rumors, the founder of The Hype House recently took to his Instagram stories to confirm that the show was still in the cards.

He shared a selfie of himself in his story and hinted that the show's release date was two months away, writing, "2 months till Netflix."

Sometime later, an Instagram page, TikTokRoom, with the username @tiktokroomlbr, shared his story in their post, where many fans showed their excitement about the show.

"I was anxious, I'm not even anymore [translated from Portuguese]," a fan commented.


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Another translated comment wrote, "me watching just because of vinnie," implying the fan was waiting for the show to watch their favorite TikTok star, Vinnie Hacker.

Thomas Petrou Talks about The Hype House Members 2021

Besides the show's confirmation, Petrou recently also talked about the new members in The Hype House. The information about the remaining members and new ones was crucial for him because the Netflix reality show will majorly feature the members from The Hype House.

In his November 9 YouTube video, he shared that the remaining members in the house included him, Mia Hayward, Jack Wright, Jake Paul, and Hacker. He also added that Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon were still an important part of The Hype House despite their exit from the house.


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Afterward, Petrou mentioned there would be a couple of new members in the house very soon, but he refused to reveal them at present. 

"I'm finding new talent and I think I found a couple people. [But] I'm not gonna let you guys know who those people are just yet. But I definitely found a couple of people and there's some talks happening," he said.

A day after the video, he shared a video on TikTok, writing, "New hype house members could be coming soon," which means fans can expect the announcement for the new members soon. 

Meanwhile, there are rumors that social media star Renata Ri might be one of the many new members in the house. The rumors started after Petrou — in one of his vlogs — disclosed that he was friends with her. She was also spotted in one of his TikTok videos, featuring another The Hype House member Wright.


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Rumors of 'The Hype House' Reality Show Getting Canceled

Since The Hype House was first announced in August 2020 as a docuseries, the reality show received a mixed response from netizens. A year later, Netflix officially ordered the series with Wheelhouse Entertainment and Hype House.

And because netizens were also spreading hate and demanding to stop filming for the show, rumors that the show could be canceled swirled around the internet.

In September 2021, when a fan asked the former Hype House member, Michael Sanzone, about the show, he said he had no idea. His answer even added to the rumors, and people felt the show might actually get canceled.

However, it was not to be — the people associated with the show, such as Petrou and Warren, occasionally took to their social media to dismiss such rumors.