The release of the Netflix reality series The Hype House is under the cloud at present. That is because, in the last few months, various rumors and speculations around the cancellation of the show have emerged on the internet.

The show was reported to follow the lives of each member of the Hype House, a group of digital influencers living together in a house in LA.

Michael Sanzone Fuels Confusion

In a recent instance, when Michael Sanzone, one of the members of the Hype House, was asked during his Instagram stories Q&A session if the series was still on the cards, his answer fueled more confusion.

"R u guys still doing the hype house thing on Netflix?? [sic]" a fan asked, to which he responded with, "Honestly have no clue [sic]."

Later, an Instagram page, The Tiktok Shaderoom, reposted the story on their feed, and many fans of the Hype House in the comment section wrote they hoped the show wasn't canceled. "I hope they still do I want to see it [sic]," one added.

Some users also pointed that Sanzone wasn't working on the show and not even living with other members in the house. Hence, they said he was not the right person to confirm if the show was happening or not.

"I think he doesnt have a clue bc he isnt living with them anymore and I think he's not on good terms w them anymore, the show is probably still happening [sic]," a fan commented.

Another chimed, "he's either joking or he rlly has no clue bc he doesn't live in the hh anymore [sic]."

Alex Warren Clears the Rumors

In the wake of the situation, another Hype House member Alex Warren, who has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, took to his stories for a brief Q&A session. A fan quickly asked him to drop an update regarding the show, and this time, fans were treated with good news.

He revealed that The Hype House show was under production, writing, "still happening! coming out in the next few months."


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'The Hype House' Show's Announcement and Backlash

In August 2020, Wheelhouse Entertainment partnered with Hype House to develop and produce docuseries, The Hype Life. But later, the idea of docuseries transitioned into a full-fledged reality series and was reportedly titled The Hype House show.

About a year later, on April 22, Netflix ordered the series with Wheelhouse Entertainment and Hype House, announcing the likes of founders Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, as well as Nikita Dragun as cast members.

But due to the long-running hate towards the TikTok community, several Netflix subscribers critiqued the decision to bring a reality show featuring TikTok stars, especially some controversial influencers.

"Why are you giving this irresponsible TikTokers a series?" someone claimed on Twitter. "No one asked for this."

The backlash went to the extent that some Netflix users threatened to cancel their subscription to the platform. Meanwhile, some also created a petition on intending to get The Hype House show canceled.

However, despite all the hate, backlash, and speculations, the show seems set to release on Netflix, with its release date to be somewhere around the end of 2021.