Hannah Kim, best known as Hannah Kae (@hannahkae27), has again found herself in hot waters. Since November 2022, she has been in various controversies with her boyfriend, Ned Jeong (@mingyu_jeongg).

Jeong was exposed for grooming minors and had many sexual assault and harassment allegations. However, Kae had been beside him regardless of the accusations and defended him.

Moreover, Kae was accused of child baiting. Since dating Jeong, she had completely changed her aesthetic.

She wore minimal makeup and posted weird pictures of her eating that confused her fans and followers. They complained that infantilizing herself to enable her boyfriend.

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Recently, she defended herself, claiming that she was receiving such allegations because of her ethnicity. However, people had a hard time buying it.

Hannah Kae defending herself against child baiting and infantilization

Hannah Kae defending herself against child baiting and infantilization. (Source: Instagram)

Miko (@sagemainirl) took to TikTok to expose Kae about her defense of child baiting. She also leaked her texts with the influencer.

Miko Exposed Hannah Kae 

On March 15, 2022, Miko posted a series of TikToks, exposing Kae. In the first video, she posted Kae’s IG stories, where she had defended herself against infantilization.

Kae said that she posted “weird pictures” of herself eating to encourage herself and her followers. She also accused White people did not get as much hate as her when they did the same.

Miko said she “specifically messaged” the influencer and showed her “EA baiting videos and how WOC get silenced.”

Miko claimed that she had had a conversation with Kae when she posted her initial apology. She accused the influencer of lying in the apology.

Hannah Kae's initial apology

Hannah Kae's initial apology. (Source: Instagram)

Kae and Jeong had written that the main person who accused the latter was arrested. Miko said the person was never charged and they claimed as such was a lie.

The person allegedly is in a mental hospital recovering. As of recently, there have been many rumors that Kae broke up with Jeong.

According to Miko, while the two have not confirmed it explicitly, they are still lying. In the video's comment section, Miko said that she “literally had a whole convo” with Kae and promised to post it if her followers wanted.

Hannah Kae’s Leaked Texts

The next video was posted on the same day, where she leaked the texts between her and Kae. In the texts, Miko told Kae how the latter did not address everything properly.

Miko wrote, “The proof is right there. It's not just about you yk.” Furthermore, she accused Kae of talking about “everything else that is irrelevant rather than addressing the core issues .”

Miko leaked texts between her and Hannah Kae on TikTok

Miko leaked texts between her and Hannah Kae on TikTok. (Source: TikTok)

Kae agreed with her and admitted that much more needed to be said. She claimed that she tried her best to do it and explain.

The influencer’s motive was “only to be cute” for herself, but agreed it was not good since it could be harmful. Moreover, she defended Jeong and said the private matters would be handled legally.

Miko pointed out that regression was a thing, and Kae was associated with it since she started dating Jeong. She also noted that the infantilization of Asian women was a serious thing.

She reminded Kae that the latter had a huge platform and her child baiting was a harmful representation of Asian women.

The influencer agreed with Miko but defended herself, saying she was just trying to connect with her culture. She admitted that she never wanted it to mean more than that.

Leaked texts where Hannah Kae is talking about Ned Jeong with a boy

Leaked texts where Hannah Kae is talking about Ned Jeong with a boy. (Source: TikTok)

Miko supported Kae but still pointed out that some posts she made were questionable and could come across as triggering.Miko asked her to take down such posts even though Kae tried different aesthetics.

She once again noted that Kae changed her aesthetic after dating Jeong, and it was rubbing people off the wrong way. Kae said she understood Miko’s point and thanked her for educating her.

Miko confessed she thought she had a good conversation with Kae, and the latter learned the lesson. But when Kae posted her stories defending herself, Miko realized that the influencer did not understand anything at all.

Hannah Kae’s Leaked Texts Related to Ned Jeong

Alongside talking about Kae’s child baiting, Miko leaked other texts where she exposed the influencer of cheating on Jeong.

The texts were between Kae and a guy who revealed Kae talking about Jeong, and he was flirting with minors. Kae allegedly told the guy that Jeong was getting “cancelled so bad” for it.

The guy reminded Kae that she was always with him, regardless of the allegations. She replied, “yup,” and she did so because she liked him.

However, the texts did not explicitly reveal if Kae was cheating on Jeong or not. At the time of writing, Kae has not addressed Miko’s allegations against her.