Hannah Kim, best known by her social media username Hannah Kae (@hannahkae27), has been the center of different controversies since the spring of 2021. 

From her relationship with her current boyfriend, Ned Jeong, and infantilization to rumors of plastic surgery and getting a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL), Kae has a lot to answer to her fans and followers.

Once in a while, Kae talks about her body and denies rumors of getting plastic surgery. Regardless, people are convinced she has gotten one.

Many speculated that she also got a nose job, but Kae has not got it yet. However, she is planning on getting one soon.

Hannah Kae and Nose Job 

Now and then, Kae has mentioned getting a nose job. Recently, on January 31, 2022, while answering questions asked by fans, the topic was brought up again. 

First, Kae put up a selfie with the Instagram sticker, asking her fans and followers to ask her question. She answered different questions regarding her weight loss, clothes, foods, age, and height.

Hannah Kae's Instagram story on getting a nose job

Hannah Kae's Instagram story on getting a nose job. (Source: Instagram)

One particular person did not ask her a question but asked her not to get a nose job. They pointed out that Kae would scar on the bottom of her nose as a result of the surgery.

They noted the nose would also feel different. Kae replied to them with a selfie and said she must get her septum fixed.

She talked about getting a nose job in late December 2021 as well. She told her fans and followers that she would get one in June 2022 if she had "enough money by then."

The main reason behind it was to fix her deviated septums, but she had some other plans than that. She shaved the slight bump on her nose during the surgery and reduced her nostrils. 

She asked her followers their opinion since she feared getting plastic surgery. Most of them advise her against getting the surgery.

Some said her nose was perfect before surgery, and she does not need a nose job. Similarly, another follower pointed out that their sister got it, and she regretted it every day. 

Hannah Kae's Instagram stories from December 2021 where she asked for opinions on a nose job.

Hannah Kae's Instagram stories from December 2021 where she asked for opinions on a nose job. (Source: Instagram)

But some fans and followers lent their support to the influencer. One of them said that the plan she described would suit her face, and Kae thanked them.

She also replied that the surgery was "nothing drastic," and there would just be a slight difference. Then, another person asked Kae to fix the septum and not do anything else to her nose.

However, Kae replied she would get the surgery either way. That is why she thought she would alter her nose a little. 

Hannah Kae and Plastic Surgery 

As said before, there are a lot of rumors about Kae getting plastic surgery. In a video uploaded in September 2019, the TikToker clarified she had gotten no surgery.

But since then, more rumors have surfaced. In December 2021, an Instagram page by the handle @truthaboutfaves posted side-by-side pictures of Kae and speculated that it was not just weight loss but also a mini-BBL. 

Kae has not addressed this speculation yet. On January 31, 2022, she said she weighed 160lbs the last she weighed herself years ago.

Hannah Kae's stories from January 31, 2022, talking about being, weight, and food.

Hannah Kae's stories from January 31, 2022, talking about being, weight, and food. (Source: Instagram)

But currently, she does not know how much she weighs. Similarly, she hinted she has some eating disorders in the stories.

Replying to a question, "how r u so tall," Kae said she used to have a "crazyyyy appetite" as a kid and used to eat "nine full meals a day from age 9-14."

In another story, she was asked if she had a "good relationship with food." Kae said she was getting better, but she still struggles sometimes.

Regardless, Kae has not admitted openly about having an eating disorder. On the other hand, this might be the reason behind Kae's drastic weight loss and not plastic surgery.