Since September 2021, Hannah Kim (Hannah Kae or @hannahkae27 on social media) has been in a lot of controversies. It started after her boyfriend, Ned Jeong (@mingyu_jeongg), was exposed for assaulting several women.

He was also accused of grooming minors, sending explicit texts to them, and using them for money. Around the same time, Kae changed her looks.

She stopped tanning herself and adopted more of a childish look. As a result, many accused her of infantilizing herself.

Since her boyfriend was accused of grooming minors, many pointed out that Kae enabled her partner. 

Hannah Kae's IG stories on infantilization

Hannah Kae's IG stories on infantilization. (Source: Instagram)

The TikToker spoke up about the accusations against Jeong but had remained silent about infantilization.

However, she finally addressed the controversy via Instagram stories on March 14, 2022.

Hannah Kae on Infantilization Controversy

Kae uploaded a series of Instagram stories with her pictures, claiming that she was not infantilizing herself. First, she complained about how white girls were doing "Asian aesthetic," but nobody complained about it. 

She said that it was disappointing when Asian women don't do such aesthetics properly, then they are accused of infantilization or "child bait." 

She then related the context to herself and admitted that some pictures she uploaded were weird. 

Kae "wholeheartedly" apologized for her actions and claimed she stopped doing the Asian aesthetic a couple of months ago.

Hannah Kae saying White girls don't get called out for child baiting, but Asian women do

Hannah Kae saying White girls don't get called out for child baiting, but Asian women do. (Source: Instagram)

She pointed out that just because she is not doing a full face of makeup does not mean she is infantilizing herself. The TikToker said she posted those "downright weird" photos of herself to make her Instagram more casual.

For example, some posts of Kae, which people claimed of her child baiting, were of her eating food.

The influencer agreed they were weird but defended herself, saying those were posted to encourage herself and others to eat.

Kae previously did not understand how it could be harmful, but now, she is aware of them. 

Hannah Kae on Wearing Minimal Makeup 

Kae noted that she had started wearing minimal makeup, but people said that she was child baiting by doing so. She pointed out that she still wears makeup but not as heavily as she did before. 

She posted a couple of photos of herself on minimal makeup and complained that no one would accuse them if a White girl did the same.

Similarly, when Kae was pouting, people said she was infantilizing herself. 

Hannah Kae's IG stories pointing out that minimal makeup is not infantilization

Hannah Kae's IG stories pointing out that minimal makeup is not infantilization. (Source: Instagram)

She got a lot of death threats and people DMed her threatening to dox her because of it. At last, she noted that wearing light makeup, being pale, and wearing cute things were not child baiting. 

Kae also pointed out that she had multiple pictures where she was not infantilizing herself, and she was accused of doing so because of her ethnicity.

In addition, it was rumored that Kae went through a break up with Jeong recently. Since the rumor started, many noticed that Kae's skin color was darker than usual.

This meant that she was using self-tan. However, Kae has not said anything about the controversy and has not confirmed the break up either.