Evan Peters is a well-known name in Hollywood. His acting career began in 2004 and he is especially recognized for his role as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver in the X-Men franchise

The actor, 34, has now been recast as Quicksilver in the sixth episode "All-New Halloween Spooktacular!" of Marvel's popular mini-series WandaVision.

The arrival of Quicksilver, played by Peters, who superficially resembled Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron's, sported a "MOM" tattoo on his left bicep.

This tattoo was actually actor Evan Peters' real tattoo. Instead of covering it for the show, it perfectly fits into the depiction of chaos and confusion that he brought into the family of Wanda and Vision. 

Evan Peters' Tattoo on WandaVision

At the very beginning of the episode, Peters was seen in a costume without sleeves to show off his "MOM" tattoo on his upper left arm when he made his entry in WandaVision

Although it is not confirmed by the makers of the series, the ink could be a tribute to Wanda and Pietro's mother, who died during the bombings of Sokovia.

There is no evidence indicating that Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron had a tattoo, so it could also be another way of conveying Pietro's brand new "tough guy" personality that Wanda is unfamiliar with.

Peters' tattoo provides a sense of mystery to his untrustful character as Pietro as he earned Wanda's trust in the first half and then kept mentioning the likelihood of Vision dying again to cause her grief a few moments later. 

The Story behind Evan Peters' Mom Tattoo

In 2014, he recounted the story of this tattoo to Flaunt magazine, where he said that there's one thing he might always be afraid of, and that is his mother. 

"[My mother] said, 'You can get a tattoo as long as it says 'MOM,'" and I was like, okay!" said Peters. 

He sketched the "MOM" tattoo on his left arm by himself as a reminder of his mom. He revealed that his parents are in St. Louis, and he often sends them care packages with a stuffed animal of himself.

"Is that narcissistic?" he asked himself, laughing. "They miss me a lot."

Evan Peters Has a Thumbs up Tattoo on His Right Hand and Regrets It

Peters has two tattoos that fans have noticed. Apart from his "MOM" tattoo on his left arm, fans have also seen a tiny red mark on Peters' hand over his tenure on American Horror Story.

A stamp-like doodle of a hand giving the thumbs up near his wrist comes from his adventures at a club. During his conversation with Nylon Magazine, he revealed the story of his one tattoo that he regrets having on his body. 

Peters told the story of a night in a club where he got a thumbs-up stamp on his wrist.

"When I woke up, I was quite drunk and thought about getting the stamp tattooed permanently on my body," he said. "I regret this tattoo a lot."

He said that he regrets the tattoo because he has to cover up the tattoo during his work. In addition, he often gets questioned if it really is a tattoo or just a stamp, and he hates to keep explaining the same story to people.