Ethan Klein and Hila Klein have given birth to their baby boy, Bruce. 

After nine months filled with scandals and drama, the two have finally welcomed their second baby on February 2, 2022. Ethan took to his social media to announce the birth.

He posted three pictures — two of Hila and the baby and one of him with his newborn son. The pictures were taken after Hila gave birth.

The first picture is of Hila breastfeeding their son, and the second is of Ethan holding Bruce and looking lovingly down at him. The third photo shows the baby boy lying on Hila's chest and Hila smiling down at him. 

The Off the Rails podcast host captioned the pictures as "Baby Bruce born 2.2.22!" 

Reaction to the Birth of Baby Bruce 

As soon as Ethan posted the announcement, congratulations started flooding in. Similarly, they were also trending on Twitter.

Influencers like Philip DeFranco, Kat Tenbarge, Pokimane, Ian Hecox, Mr.Beast, Hasan Piker, Def Noodles, and David Pakman, among others, took to their respective social media to congratulate the Kleins.

Similarly, the duo's crew members from the H3 Podcast also congratulated them. Moreover, fans and followers were elated to know about the newborn.

They congratulated the pair and made small jokes about their second son's name. Most of them joked that Bruce's first Halloween outfit must be Batman.

Similarly, Bruce was wrapped in a blanket that had patterns of feet. Ethan's fanbase is also called the foot soldiers.

Ethan Klein posted a picture of his second baby, Bruce, on Instagram Stories after his birth on February 2, 2022.

Ethan Klein posted a picture of his second baby, Bruce, on Instagram Stories after his birth on February 2, 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Seeing Bruce in that blanket, many joked, saying Bruce was a member of the foot soldiers right after this birth. All of them were happy for the second-time parents.

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein's Pregnancy Journey 

Ethan and Hila already have a son named Theodore. However, after a couple of years of giving birth to Theodore, the couple was ready to welcome another child into their family.

However, it was easier said than done. They could not get pregnant naturally, so they had to undergo fertility treatment and did artificial inseminations.

After a couple of tries, there were signs that Hila was pregnant, but the couple was not sure. Therefore, they got tested in May 2021 and had to wait for the result.

They got it while on their live podcast, After Dark, on May 28, 2021. In the middle of the session, Hila got a text on her phone from her doctor saying she was "super pregnant."

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein posing for a picture.

Ethan Klein and Hila Klein posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

They announced their news live on After Dark and celebrated it with their crew and fans. Since Hila's pregnancy resulted from artificial inseminations, there were chances she was expecting over one kid.

The pair were sure of having triplets, but later, they revealed they were only expecting one child. Like their pregnancy news, they announced the number of babies on After Dark, Episode 40, on June 11, 2021.

They announced the gender of their kid on the same podcast on its 51st episode on September 54, 2021. They did a gender reveal and were elated to know that they were pregnant with a son.

Since their pregnancy announcement, Hila has been documenting her journey on Instagram. And now, after nine long months, The Klein family is complete.