As the Jidion-Poki drama continues to receive more attention, Imane “Pokimane” Anys called out Ninja for his silence on the matter.

Pokimane and Ninja, two of Twitch’s biggest streamers, got embroiled on the matter after the latter defended Jidion in the aftermath of his hate raid on Pokimane’s January 12 stream.

Anys addressed the issue and took to Twitter to list out the harassment she had received over the week.

Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, said in a now-deleted tweet, “All will be explained,” hinting that the matter would be sorted out. However, after a day of no further words from him, Anys called him out on her stream.

“I thought it was kind of interesting that Ninja was like, ‘Everything will be clarified.’ And then he woke up the next day and played Fortnite for 7 hours,” she said.

Anys then shared her take on why Tyler had remained mum following his tweet. She said a lot of Jidion’s viewers were people who also frequented his stream.

And because of that, Ninja was afraid to upset them. “He’s afraid of the repercussions for standing up against hate raiding and misogyny.”

Jidion-Poki Drama Explained

The drama started when Anys was hate raided by Jidion and his viewers on January 12.

Being the victim of a targeted harassment campaign, she ended her stream early.

However, the harassment continued, and it wasn’t limited to just her. Many of her viewers were also targeted.

Pokimane gives a rundown of the Jidion-Poki drama

Pokimane gives a rundown of the Jidion-Poki drama (Source: Twitter)

In the aforementioned tweet, the popular Twitch streamer shared Jidion had made “extreme sexual comments” about her and had urged his viewers to spam her if he got banned.

Jidion was promptly banned because of his actions and the direction of the harassment was changed not long after. He alleged she had gotten him banned multiple times and asked other streamers to “go to war” with him.

Anys wrote she didn’t have any power to ban anyone. She further explained that he would have been banned regardless of who he had hate raided.

Jidion later gifted 100 subs to Tyler and asked him to help get him a lesser ban. Tyler commented, “you can’t raid bitches on Twitch” and pretended to call his Twitch representative.

Tyler’s action invited criticism from many others and streamers, such as Valkyrae, Ludwig, and Mizkif showed their support for Anys.

Drama between Pokimane and Ninja

While Anys continued being harassed by Jidion and his viewers, another drama started between her and Tyler.

In a stream of hers, she asked why Tyler was trying to help Jidion evade ban for harassing her.

After she posed the question, she received a DM from Tyler’s wife, Jessica Blevins. Anys shared a screenshot of Blevins’ message on her Twitter.

Pokimane leaked Jessica Blevins' DM

Pokimane leaked Jessica Blevins' DM (Source: Twitter)

Blevins wrote she and her husband considered Anys’s actions as “defamation of character” and were getting their legal team involved.

“You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people,” the DM further read.

Jidion has since apologized to Anys and asked his fans to stop harassing her.

As for the matter regarding Anys and Tyler, there have been no further developments.