In the recent development of JiDion-Poki drama, Pokimane, real name Imane Anys, leaked a DM from Jessica Blevins, wife of Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

In the leaked message, Blevins threatened the Moroccan-Canadian internet personality to take legal action against her for calling out her husband over his support to JiDion.

She claimed that Pokimane defamed Ninja by quoting a clip, where the latter Twitch streamer said he reached out to a Twitch rep to help JiDion.

Ninja Had Offered Help to JiDion

 Pokimane reportedly picked the clip in question from one of the recent streams of Ninja.

In the clip, Ninja said that he could help JiDion, who was recently banned by Twitch in the wake of his "hate raid" on Pokimane's January 12 stream.

He stated he would send a message to his Twitch representative on stream.

"Alright, I sent the text," he added after he allegedly messaged his Twitch rep to help the fellow streamer.

Since Pokimane found out he was trying to help JiDion, she asked why he would help someone evade a ban for harassing her.

She further said, "Ninja then keeps joking about it, says 'JiDion is [expletive]' but that he will 'do whatever he can to help him' but 'don't expect too much.' He then says, verbatim, 'the most I can do is text my Twitch representative about this.'"

Apparently, her same comments also invited legal threats from Blevins' team.

Ninja's Wife Claimed He Never Contacted a Twitch Rep

Quite surprisingly, Blevins claimed in the DM that Pokimane lied about him reaching out to a Twitch rep to help JiDion, stating her husband never contacted anyone.

Her claims were shocking because Ninja had clearly said he sent a text to his rep on stream.

And, ironically, she accused the famed streamer of "bringing harassment" to her spouse for pointing out something he said on stream.

Pokimane leaked Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins's DM.

Imane Anys leaked Jessica Blevins's DM. (Photo: Twitter)

In addition, Blevins described Anys' comments as "defamation of character" and said she is "getting our legal team involved."

"You are spewing lies to tens of thousands of people," the DM further read.

Blevins continued to write, "We have clarified everything to you. [But] you are actively bringing harassment to tyler and I right now at the highest level and we are taking this very seriously."

Pokimane Responded with a Meme

After being accused of defamation, the gamer leaked the DM on Twitter and responded with a sarcastic meme.

The meme, initially tweeted by @theyungjeff, saw a man and a woman dressed like lawyers, implied she was ready to fight if they sued her for defamation.

Pokimane responded to Jessica Blevins's DM with a meme.

Imane Anys responded to Jessica Blevins's DM with a meme. (Photo: Twitter)

In addition, Pokimane added a tweet to her original post. She stated she thought Blevins was "trying to say that ninja PRETENDED to text his twitch representative" during his stream.

And if that was the case, the streamer said she was willing to accept "and cannot disapprove."

As of this writing, neither Ninja nor Blevins has responded to her reply.