For some time now, fans have wondered what happened to Mads Lewis and Christian Plourde. 

Rumors of their break up have been swirling ever since they unfollowed each other and removed all traces of their relationship from their Instagram. 

However, neither party confirmed it, and Plourde, who goes by Sevryn, even took to Instagram and clarified that he would not talk about it. 

But recently, he was spotted hanging out with Lewis' former boyfriend, Jaden Hossler, on several occasions. 

Fans began wondering if they were friends because if they were, it would probably be a hint about Plourde and Lewis' break up. 

On January 19, tiktokinsiders posted a photo of the alleged friends hanging out. 

The image is a little blurry, but it is clear the fellow TikTokers were spending time together. 

Christian Plourde at Jaden Hossler's birthday

Christian Plourde at Jaden Hossler's birthday (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

The second time the duo was spotted together was at Hossler's 21st birthday bash. 

On February 10, The original Tiktokroom claimed that Plourde was at the party. 

Fans had all kinds of reactions, but one commented, "im sorry, but if he's there, it goes to show how much he never loved mads because he knows how much the past hurt Mads."

Christian Plourde Called Out for Being Friends With Jaden Hossler

But on February 12, fans finally had the confirmation they needed regarding Hossler and Plourde's friendship. 

The original Tiktokroom posted a photo of Plourde following Hossler. 

And it seems Hossler is also following Plourde. 

Christian Plourde and Jaden Hossler following each other

Christian Plourde and Jaden Hossler following each other (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

Fans were unhappy about the friendship and took to the comments to criticize Plourde for being friends with Hossler even when he knew about Lewis and Hossler's beef.  

One fan wrote that Plourde just wanted clout for his music and thus was friends with him despite knowing how badly the 'Comatose' singer had treated his former girlfriend. 

Another one explained Plourde behaved suspiciously for someone who claimed to be in love with Lewis. 

The user added the TikTok star was probably using the Famous, Like Me w/ Mads Lewis star. 

In the new series, Lewis spilled the tea on her relationship with Hossler, which was uploaded on TikTok by "awesomenesstv." 

She did not specifically mention Hossler's name, but she did say her ex, which fans assumed referred to Hossler. 

The reality star revealed she was not treated well during the relationship. 


A post shared by madison (@madslewis)

She was cheated on countless times, and during their one-and-a-half-year on-and-off relationship, Hossler only took her out on one date. 

Drama Between Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, and Mads Lewis

In the comments, some fans criticized her for "always talking about her ex" and said it was probably why Plourde broke up with her. 

But some defended the TikToker, stating that she could deal with the break up and heartbreak however she liked, especially after she was cheated on. 

In April 2021, Lewis took to Instagram to post a video that hinted that Hossler had cheated on her with Barrett. 

Barrett and Hossler had connected after collaborating on their song 'La Di Die.'

At first, they denied the rumors, but a few months later, they went official with their relationship and were caught on a date by the paparazzi. 

 And since then, Barrett and Lewis have not been on good terms. 

The union also caused a divide between Josh Richards, Barrett's ex, and Hossler.