The internet is abuzz with rumors of TikTok stars Mads Lewis and Christian Plourde’s break up

The duo started dating in June 2021 and even hinted that they might get engaged during a chat with E! News: The Rundown.

But it looks like it's not happening anymore.

They have not confirmed the break up, but fans picked up several clues that hinted at their split.

It all started when fans noticed Lewis and Plourde, who goes by Sevryn, on Instagram were no longer following each other on the platform. 

They had also removed all traces of their affair from their Instagram 

New clues have popped up on 'The original Tiktokroom' Instagram page. One of the first clues was the picture of Jaden Hossler and Plourde hanging out together. 

There was also another photo of the duo spending time together, but this time it was during Hossler’s 21st birthday

Christian Plourde and Mads Lewis live separately now.

Christian Plourde and Mads Lewis previously lived together. (Source: The original Tiktokroom/Instagram)

But the third and last photo convinced fans that the break up might have happened. 

It was a collage photo from Sevryn’s Snapchat stories that revealed he was organizing his new closet and his new bed in what seemed like a new home. 

Plourde was previously living with Lewis. 

Christian Plourde Speaks about Mads Lewis Break up Drama

While the internet was occupied theorizing the break up and dissing Lewis and Plourde, the duo remained silent.

That was until February 11, 2022, when Plourde took to Twitter and Instagram stories to share his thoughts on everything being said about him and his alleged ex. 

On February 11, he clarified on Twitter that his tweets were mainly quotes and needed to be taken with a grain of salt. 

He also preached about supporting everyone instead of spreading hate. 

Christian Plourde speaking on Mads Lewis break up drama

Christian Plourde speaking on Mads Lewis break up drama. (Source: Christian Plourde/Instagram)

One of the quotes he was referring to was probably his February 9 tweet that read, “you can’t love someone who doesn’t love themself.”

Fans interpreted it as a message for Lewis, and her fans criticized him for being harsh on the TikToker. 

He shared the quote on an Instagram story and iterated that it was not a cryptic message. 

Plourde added he used his platform to educate his followers on what he had learned. 

In the next story, he shared he would not be losing sleep over what was said about him on the internet and was trying to be his best self.

Mads Lewis and Bryce Hall Become a Joke

While Plourde was confronting his haters, Lewis was photographed by the paparazzi with Bryce Hall

A celebrity photographer took to his Instagram account, 'pap.galore,' and uploaded photos of Lewis and Hall after their workout session. 

In the caption, the photographer wrote that the TikTok stars were caught flirting with each other outside the Dogpound gym. 

They even wrote “NEW COUPLE ALERT?” in the post. 

Immediately after, Lewis replied in the comment section, saying that it was not true, and criticized the photographer for creating a false narrative just because she refused to take a picture. 

Meanwhile, Hall said little but expressed his disbelief with an “omfg.”

The photographer later clarified that the caption was just a joke and that Hall and Lewis were not together.