Celebrities with heterochromia — a condition that refers to color differences of the iris, which are hereditary or caused by other diseases and trauma — is not a new thing.

Yes, you may not have noticed many mismatched eyes in the entertainment world, but there are actually quite a few famous faces with different-colored eyes, an anomaly quite subtle but incredibly awe-inspiring.

From Mission: Impossible star to an on-screen superhero, here are the ten celebrities with heterochromia.

1. Mila Kunis

If you take note of Mila Kunis's eyes properly, her left eye is darker than her right. 

She was blind in one eye due to chronic inflammation of the iris for many years and kept it a secret. 

Fortunately, she could reverse it through surgery. She got her vision back, but the color difference has lasted.

2. Kate Bosworth

Perhaps the most famous star with heterochromia is Superman actress Kate Bosworth. Her left eye is blue, while her right one is mostly hazel. 

For the longest time, fans did not know about her mismatched eyes because movie directors asked her to wear contacts. But for the Superman movie, the director encouraged her to let her natural features shine. 

3. Henry Cavill

Years after Bosworth’s Superman movie was released, Henry Cavill replaced Brandon Rought as the new superhero.


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And fans could not help but wonder if casting Cavill, who has heterochromia, was a strategic move. 

Cavill’s eyes are mostly blue, but upon closer look, you will notice specks of brown in his left eye. 

4. Alice Eve

Star Trek actress Alice Eve has some of the prettiest eyes in Hollywood, making it even more alluring with the mismatched color. 


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Her left eye is blue, while her right is green. During an interview with Conan O’Brien, she revealed one of her boyfriends took nine months to notice the difference. 

5. Jane Seymour

While watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, you probably did not notice Jane Seymour’s heterochromia because she enraptured you with her acting. 

Jane Seymour is a celebrity with heterochromia.

Jane Seymour at the American Film Institute Life Achievement Award Gala. (Source: Instagram)

The former Bond girl’s right eye is brown while her left one is green.

6. Kiefer Sutherland

Forsaken star Kiefer Sutherland is another celebrity on our list. The difference in his eye color is subtle, with one slightly dark than the other. 

While he has never spoken about it, his former girlfriend, Julia Roberts, has. 

Back in the day, the duo was a couple, and during Robert's Golden Globe acceptance speech in 1990, she did not mention his name but thanked her “beautiful blue-eyed, green-eyed friend” while accepting her award.

7. Demi Moore

Coincidentally, Sutherland’s Forsaken co-star Demi Moore also has heterochromia. 


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Like the actor, Moore’s mismatched eyes are a little more on the subtle side, but upon closer look, one eye is a true hazel, whereas the other is a brighter green.

8. Jennifer Connelly

Often mistaken as Moore, Jennifer Connelly’s stunning eyes might be one thing that set her apart from her lookalike. 

Unlike the Forsaken star, Connelly has the same colored eyes. But hers are lighter in the center and darker around the outer iris, with flecks of gold and black.

9. Wentworth Miller 

Wentworth Miller shot to fame after Prison Break thanks to his acting chops and piercing gaze.


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His eyes have interesting colors, with some claiming it to be a combination of blue and hazel, while others say it is icy blue. 

10. David Bowie

Out of all the celebrities on this list, David Bowie’s heterochromia makes for the most interesting case. 


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His condition resulted from anisocoria caused by an injury during his youth.

 And because of that, his pupils were of different sizes, leaving one eye looking darker and significantly different from the other.