There are many Hollywood actors who, besides succeeding in front of the cameras, are considered the paragon of good looks. 

One such actor is Henry Cavill. Known for portraying Clark Kent in Superman and Geralt de Rivia in The Witcher, Cavill catapulted to international fame for his versatility.


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He is considered one of the most promising performers of today’s generation, and his beautiful features and toned physique have not gone unnoticed. His effortlessly coiffed hair, Greek-god-like body, and defined jawline have been highly admired.

But one feature that the audience has been fascinated with is his teeth. Fans cannot seem to stop talking about his slightly crooked but endearing canines. 

Henry Cavill’s Teeth 

During Cavill’s time on Superman, fans noticed that he had unusual teeth. 

One user on Twitter tweeted that his unique and slightly crooked tooth made it harder for Kent to disguise his identity as a Superman. The user then added that it “was more of a general Superman problem.” and that he worked better as lines on paper. 

Similarly, fans on online forums have talked about how they were surprised to learn that the superhero did not have the perfect teeth.

Some commented that his teeth were so crooked that they wished production had fixed it digitally. While some defended the actor, stating his misaligned teeth were not a big deal and that it should not shatter one’s perception of Superman’s perfection. 

But for his role in The Witcher, people felt that Cavill’s crooked canines were perfect. A user tweeted that his teeth were the most endearing quality he brought to his character. There have even been discussions on Reddit as well that Cavill nailed Geralt's hideous smile, thanks to his teeth. 

For those not aware, witchers are devoid of emotions and have the ugliest smile in the fantasy universe. 

Henry Cavill Becomes a Meme

Cavill’s teeth also became a meme, not because of the imperfection but a mistake made by one massive studio. 

It all started when Cavill was called back for extensive reshoots of Justice League, a film produced by Warner Brothers. But Cavill was already committed to his role in Mission Impossible 6, and although Paramount Studios allowed the reshoots, he was forbidden to shave off his mustache. 

Because shaving his mustache and waiting for it to grow back would cause production delay in Mission Impossible 6. Therefore, WB studios had no choice but to use CGI to give the actor his clean-shaven look. Unfortunately, the job was so poorly done that it was obvious that WB had made a mistake.

Cavill’s mouth looked weird in many scenes, which fans picked up on and tweeted about. 

That being said, people were still happy that Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was being released.