On August 17, 2022, Josh Richards released a new Tea Talk video titled “ADDISON RAE BEEFS WITH HER PARENTS??” on his YouTube channel.

He and Bryce Hall could be seen discussing the drama that had been going on in Rae’s family — Rae had unfollowed her mother, Sheri Easterling, on Instagram. Her father, Monty Lopez, had gone online, talking about Tana Mongeau’s body count and challenging Yung Gravy to a boxing match. 

While Rae did not address the drama, she re-followed her mother on Instagram.

And amidst the drama, Hall uploaded a TikTok reacting to Lopez’s infamous TikTok, where he seemed like he was trying to assert his dominance over Gravy. Netizens appreciated his humor, but it appears the only person who did not find it funny was his former girlfriend, Rae.

Bryce Hall Says Addison Rae Blocked Him Everywhere

During the Tea Talk session, Hall and Richards watched the former’s hilarious reaction video and addressed the drama.

Richards asked if Hall ever wondered “like damn that could have been my father-in-law.” 

The BFFs podcast host then asked Hall to imagine Lopez at the wedding and going “for the love of my daughter come and fight me.” Hall added to the hilarious comments by saying, “if Bryce Hall does not call me out for a boxing match,” and screamed like Lopez in the video.

Bryce Hall revealed Addison Rae blocked him from everywhere in an episode of Tea Talk

Bryce Hall revealed his ex girlfriend Addison Rae blocked him from everywhere in an episode of Tea Talk. (Source: YouTube)

The duo then talked about all of Lopez’s replies on his social media and iterated that Rae was probably very embarrassed and done with the drama. 

Richards then claimed Rae probably did not want to see it on her feed leading Hall to admit that she had blocked him on all social media platforms. 

The BFFs host was shocked at the confession and incredulously asked him if that was true. Hall confirmed it was true. 

Bryce Hall Cannot Be Friends with an Ex

Richards then asked Hall about the text he had received from Rae, but Hall fooled around, noting he did not know what the former was talking about. 

Hall then clarified that it was not true and iterated that Rae was in a happy relationship. To which Richards responded with, “I said nothing about a relationship. I just said she texted you.”

The Tea Talk host added that Hall and Rae could have texted as friends, but Hall said they could never be friends, explaining that a friendship with an ex did not work. 

Richards disagreed, explaining that from his experience, ex-es could be friends. He was hinting at his friendship with his ex Nessa Barrett. 

Netizens commented that none of Hall’s ex-es probably wanted to be friends with him because and his actions. They even stated he deserved to be blocked by Rae.

“If you see someone going through something, you don’t make fun of it. Instead, you reach out to them in case they need help, if not just don’t add more to the person’s plate. They are dealing with enough,” commented a user on tiktokinsiders reshare.