Yung Gravy has finally responded to Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez’s challenge to a boxing match, and it’s a hard pass from the rapper.

On August 12, 2022, Gravy posted a TikTok addressing Lopez’s recent online taunts, which started after the musician seemingly implied he would happily go on a date with his estranged wife, Sheri Easterling.

After that, Lopez shared a duet video with a podcast appearance of the rapper and added a voiceover challenging the rapper to a match.

He also uploaded a second video of himself, in which he seemed to growl in frustration and captioned it: “When Yung Gravy won’t accept a boxing match.”

He continued provoking Gravy in another video, saying the latter might not have what it takes because he could be scared to step in the ring. 

He also asked Gravy to forget about the paperwork and asked him to jump in the ring with him immediately on August 8, 2022. 

Yung Gravy Not Interested in Fighting Monty Lopez

In Gravy’s response video, he duetted Lopez’s second video and said he would not fight. 

“I am a grown man. I will not fight you over a TikTok grandma. You have got one of the most successful daughters in the world and you decide to act half her age to get some attention while embarrassing your whole family,” said the rapper.

He then asked the father-of-three to grow up and get some help and told him not to do anything stupid if they ever crossed paths.

Fans agreed with the rapper, noting that Lopez really “needed to get help,”

“Monty needs help. Seriously,” commented a user, while another wrote, “Ummm, I only hear facts from Yung Gravy.”

Yung Gravy responds to Monty Lopez

Yung Gravy responds to Monty Lopez. (Source: Instagram)

Some also opined that Lopez needed to get canceled. “I think that we should mass report Monty on everything like yall did Dixie that one time,” commented another user. 

“Can we all report Monty from all the social media platforms,” a fourth user chimed in. 

So far, Lopez has not responded, and the ‘Betty’ rapper seems to be done with Lopez as he uploaded a new TikTok promoting his new music. 

He shared a snippet of his new song, ‘Cest La Vie’ but did not share when he would release it. 

Monty Lopez Says He Is Doing It for His Sons

Before Gravy responded to Lopez, the father-of-three had uploaded a new TikTok where he addressed why he wanted to fight the rapper so badly. 

Monty Lopez explains that he challenged Yung Gravy to a match because he did not want his sons to get picked on

Monty Lopez explains that he challenged Yung Gravy to a match because he did not want his sons to get picked on. (Source: Instagram)

He started the video thanking all the fans, including the Rae family supporters and Easterling stans, for all the likes and comments on the video and then explained why he was going after Gravy.

“Yung Gravy needs to watch running his mouth talking about all those MILFS because all those MILFS got some Daddies. What I am really worried about is my two boys going to school.and getting picked on because Yung grievants to hook up with their mama,” said Lopez.

He added that he wanted his boys to go to school and get praised because Yung Gravy was about to get knocked down in the boxing ring by their daddy. 

Lopez then called Gravy a “fake rapper” and said he was a singer, and asked him to be careful of what he said.