Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, and her dad, Monty Lopez, are going at it publicly. The TikToker has laid low and avoided all the drama, but her parents seem knee-deep in it. 

It all started when rapper Yung Gravy appeared on Jeff Wittek’s podcast in the first week of August.

He revealed that he “[had] a thing for M****,” and claimed that he was “going on a date soon” with Easterling. 

In response to the comments about his estranged wife, Lopez posted a TikTok video, threatening the rapper and challenging him to a boxing match.

“Watch your mouth, BOY! You gonna get Chris ROCKED,” he captioned a video duetting the clip of Yung Gravy discussing Easterling.

In the comments section, he added, “@YungGravy Let’s get in the ring! PLEASE!!! If [you] have [balls] I’ll take them!”

Monty Lopez threatens and challenges Yung Gravy after he mentioned he was going to date Lopez's estranged wife Sheri Easterling

Monty Lopez threatened and challenged Yung Gravy after Gravy mentioned he was going to date Lopez's estranged wife, Sheri Easterling. (Source: Instagram)

But the drama took a turn for the worse when Lopez also commented about Tana Mongeau’s body count. And when the latter responded to it, he mocked her instead of apologizing. 

Addison Rae’s Mom Sheri Easterling Responds to Monty Lopez

Lopez continued to fuel the drama by responding to netizens in the comments section.

Users reminded him that Easterling was not his woman anymore, and she was happy with another man. 

He responded he was not interested in getting back together with his estranged wife and was glad it was over between them. 

And when another user reminded him of cheating with a 20-year-old, he seemed proud of it and replied, “can I get a hell yea!” and said he took a "W" (win) this year for that. 

“He [Yung Gravy] going to steal your wife, bro,” commented one user, to which Lopez said, “Can't steal here. I let her go one year ago.”

Another user commented he needed to let all of this go as Easterling was much better than him and deserved better. But instead of reflecting on it, he asked the user to ask his ex-wife about her grandkids. 

It is unconfirmed what he meant by that, but it looks like Lopez was not holding back. 

It seems Easterling finally had enough of his antics and took to the video’s comment section, writing, “I know this may seem funny to some of you, but I am terrified of this man.”

Netizens agreed with the mother of three, saying they were also afraid of Lopez. 

Addison Rae Unfollows Her Mom

While the drama was still unfolding, Rae unfollowed her mom on Instagram.

On August 7, 2022, the original Tiktokroom broke the news with a screen grab of Rae’s Instagram following list. 

No one knows the reasons for her actions, but netizens suspect it might have something to do with the ‘Betty’ rapper. 

Some also speculated she was not interested in seeing her parents fight on social media. They blamed Lopez for tearing the family apart and turning the mother and daughter against each other. 

In the post’s comments section, Easterling commented she was heartbroken by her daughter’s actions.