Even though Yung Gravy politely declined to get in the ring with Monty Lopez, their feud is far from over. 

After revealing that he had a thing for Lopez’s ex-wife, Sheri Easterling, the ‘Betty’ rapper added he would go on a date with her soon.

And in an episode of the Please Clap podcast, he confirmed that he and Easterling were now “involved.” “So, Addison Rae’s mom, right? Sheri. She and I are involved. And I mean, I guess I’m much more in touch with Sheri. Hurts her,” said the rapper, referencing how Easterling felt about her ex-husband’s shenanigans. 

When the news got out, Lopez refused to sit idly and took revenge. On August 20, 2022, Lopez uploaded a TikTok kissing the internet star Ava Louise at a charity fundraiser basketball game. 

The kiss sent the internet into a frenzy because Yung Gravy had been in Louise’s DMs “all week,” according to a source who told Dexerto.

Ava Louise on Being Addison Rae’s New Stepmom

Louise is an influencer with nearly half a million followers on Instagram. She shot to fame after a video where she licked a toilet seat as part of a failed internet ‘challenge’ went viral in 2020.

But now, she might be more famous for her viral TikTok of kissing Lopez. Netizens are claiming she could possibly become Rae’s new stepmom. 

In one video, a TikToker talked about how Louise was “screwing” Lopez and that she would be “Addison Rae’s new stepmom.”

Ava Louise responds to netizens claiming she could be Addison Rae's stepmom

Ava Louise responds to netizens claiming she could be Addison Rae's stepmom. (Source: Instagram)

Louise stitched the video in her recent TikTok and responded to the drama surrounding her smooch with Lopez. 

“This is going to be the most awkward family Thanksgiving of my life. I was not prepared to be a mother at only 24, but I will do my best for my new daughter. I love you already, @addisonre,” the influencer wrote in the caption. The influencer’s reaction enraged a few netizens, who accused Louise of using Rae's name for clout.

Ava Louise Hits on Bryce Hall

Louise seems to care less how her comments make Rae feel, much like when she flirted with Bryce Hall while he and Rae were still together. 


A post shared by Ava Louise (@avalouiise)

In January 2021, the influencer took to Instagram story and wrote she wanted to have physical relations with Hall. Many thought someone had hacked her account.

But Louise clarified she was “not hacked, just horny,” and detailed everything she wanted to do with Hall, and let everyone know she did not care that Rae was already dating him.

Then, in true Louise fashion, she mentioned her OnlyFans account and even offered a free trial for the former Sway Boy. She also texted his mother, asking her for her son, claiming it was a fair trade.

After her posts caught Rae’s attention, the He’s All That star captioned a photo of her and Hall “Mine,” and in the comments, Hall replied, “Ma baby forever.”

Netizens criticized Louise, with some claiming her actions were borderline harassment. But given Louise’s track record for being messy, she was unbothered by it all.