Audra Johnson (@audra.johnson) told her fans and followers that she was in a relationship with Vinnie Hacker. However, many were confused if her story was real or fake. 

She did it the same time around when Hacker went on Harry Jowsey's podcast, Tap In. The podcast was uploaded on January 25, 2022, and Hacker talked about many things. 

He discussed different experiences in his life, including sexual assault, OnlyFans, and life after TikTok. One of the main things he discussed was his new girlfriend

Hacker said he had been talking to someone and that he liked her. However, he never named who the person was. 

But Johnson made different TikToks, saying she was dating Hacker. 

Vinnie Hacker posing for a mirror selfie.

Vinnie Hacker posing for a mirror selfie. (Source: Instagram)

Audra Johnson, Vinnie Hacker, and Their Relationship

It all started on January 15, 2021, when Johnson uploaded a TikTok saying she looked like Hacker. She compiled different pictures of herself and Hacker in the video. 

Via the caption, she tagged Hacker at @vhackerr and wrote, "I'm just saying we'd make a good couple, that's all." Twelve days later, she posted another video revealing Hacker had DMed her on Instagram. 

Hacker allegedly said that he saw Johnson's TikTok about them being lookalikes. The latter joked about being an alpha wolf of her clan but said she would "bark" for him. 

Hacker then said he was going to New York the following week, hinting to meet her. Johnson lives in NYC, and the two planned on meeting. 

On a TikTok uploaded on January 27, 2022, she claimed that Hacker DMed her because she manifested it.

In the following days, Johnson uploaded videos on the platform saying she went on a date with Hacker. 

Audra Johnson's Instagram Stories where she claimed to be in a relationship with Vinnie Hacker.

Audra Johnson's Instagram Stories claiming to be in a relationship with Vinnie Hacker. (Source: Instagram)

She posted about her doing her makeup for the date and said she would have never believed it a year ago. She said she would keep her fans updated on the date via Instagram stories in another video. 

In the same video, she also said, "I don't think I've ever been this happy b4 lol." Via Instagram stories, she posted a few pictures of Hacker and flowers. 

Vinnie Hacker Relationship: Real or Fake?

Most of the people were convinced that the entire thing was fake. They commented on Johnson's video, saying the relationship was fake and she was joking. 

Similarly, many responded to her Instagram stories, asking her if she was dating Hacker or if it was fake.

Finally, on January 30, 2022, Johnson uploaded a TikTok where she compiled different reactions from her fans and followers. She said she would address everything on her YouTube channel on January 31, 2022.

Audra Johnson posing for a photo.

Audra Johnson posing for a photo. (Source: Instagram)

Via the captions, she said, "set your timers because it's about to get real." Then, after an hour, she posted another video claiming that the relationship was fake, and she did it for a social experiment.

Finally, she confessed to lying and staging their relationship and date for the sake of an experiment. She received many hate comments for faking it. 

She said she felt like going through her "villain era," and everything was going as planned. Many people referred to her as Renata 2 on Instagram after Renata Ri, Hacker's rumored girlfriend.

While Ri had not orchestrated being with Hacker, many had accused her of clout chasing by pretending to be his girlfriend. 

At the time of writing, Hacker has addressed nothing about Johnson. Similarly, Johnson has not clarified her "social experiment" on her YouTube video.