Trigger Warning: The content includes references to topics such as sexual assault. Reach out to the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673.

In a short period, Vinnie Hacker has amassed a massive fanbase. Most of his fan base is from TikTok, where Hacker posts his thirst traps, and Twitch, where he streams games. 

While Hacker does not show it much on social media, he has confessed that he is not happy being an influencer. He revealed it on the Hype House's reality show of the same name on Netflix. 

The TikToker has also not revealed much about the dark side of his life. However, in Harry Jowsey's podcast, Tap In with Harry Jowsey, he opened up about his deepest secret. 

One of them was sexual assault. 

Vinne Hacker posing for a selfie.

Vinnie Hacker posing for a selfie. (Source: Instagram)

Vinnie Hacker's Sexual Assault 

Jowsey shared a minute-long snippet of his podcast on his TikTok on January 25, 2022. He captioned it as "Today on the podcast @vhackerr opens up."

While discussing the Hype House Netflix show, Hacker shared the story of his sexual assault. He opened up that he was assaulted when he was 16 years old. 

He revealed he lost his virginity as a minor to a 26-year-old woman back then. So naturally, Hacker was highly disturbed by the incident. 

However, he did not know that he was molested at the time. This was primarily because people congratulated him for losing his virginity to an older woman. 

They made him believe that him hooking up with a woman ten years older than him was a cool thing. As a result, Hacker felt the same. 

But as he grew older, the TikToker realized he was a minor back then and what that 26-year-old did was sexual assault. He told Jowsey that his story was "not something he liked getting deep into."

He did not want to do so since Hacker realized that the more he talked about it, the more it affected him mentally. Therefore, he tends to avoid it as much as possible. 

This is not the first time Hacker mentioned his sexual assault. He did so while replying to a person on Twitter in August 2020. 

Comments of people on Harry Jowsey's TikTok where he shared the snippet of his podcast.

Comments of people on Harry Jowsey's TikTok where Vinnie Hacker shared his sexual assault story. (Source: TikTok)

The original tweet has been deleted now, but Hacker's reply is still available. He called out the person for accusing people of mild crimes and said especially not to a person assaulted as a minor. 

Reaction to Vinnie Hacker's Story 

After Jowsey uploaded the snippet of his podcast on TikTok, many took to the comments to talk about Hacker's assault. Most of them were disturbed about how women abuse minors. 

Many also mentioned how men are abused when they are minor, but they rarely talk about it. They pointed out that people idolized minor men sleeping with older women without knowing it was an assault. 

Hacker's fans empathized with him and lauded him for being strong and opening up. They also appreciated Jowsey for giving the TikToker the platform to share his story. 

In a similar manner, many claimed that their respect for Hacker had multiplied immensely. This episode of Tap In with Harry Jowsey will drop on January 25, 2022, at 11 AM PST.